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Nick Tozer has been running his bookshop for over 20 years and has around 26,000 books on sale. / He is slowly building up the mail order side of the business but says Brexit has made it harder to send books to some countries.
Capacity issues caused by post-Brexit border controls and a shortage of border police are forcing Eurostar to leave thousands of seats unsold every day on its high-speed trains from London to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.
Trains are leaving Amsterdam Centraal station almost three-quarters empty in an attempt to avoid long queues.
DETECTIVES from British Transport Police are hunting the people who placed track circuit clips on railways in Cambridgeshire and Nottinghamshire in an apparent protest about the government’s handling of Brexit.
The TSSA union says it is seeking a meeting with Eurostar to discuss rail safety measures amid escalating Brexit tensions which have seen railways become a target for protestors. / Manuel Cortes said: 'Whether a prank or not, we are very concerned at reports that pro-Brexit supporters have accessed our rail infrastructure with the aim of causing delays and chaos.'
Eurostar has warned that Brexit formalities are threatening its business, although it is holding out hopes that a new digital immigration system will simplify the procedure in due course.
Cross-Channel train operator Eurostar complained Tuesday that slower post-Brexit passport checks for travellers are forcing it to run some services almost one-third empty.
ondon trains leave Amsterdam at least 78% empty because of constraints on UK border checks. / Thousands of seats are deliberately going unsold on Eurostar trains every day as the cross-Channel train operator struggles with post-Brexit passport controls.
Summer 2023 could spell additional trouble for the UK travel industry, with over half of rail and airline operators worrying about future staffing shortages – and almost 40 per cent blaming Brexit.
Ministers say leaving the EU ‘has given the UK a world of future opportunities’. So I have tracked down the travel advantages.
Border checks for British travellers introduced after Brexit have caused Eurostar’s peak capacity to drop by 30 per cent.
The head of Eurostar says that even with all border booths manned, queues are growing and the station can only process 1,500 passengers an hour compared with 2,200 in 2019.
Jacques Damas claimed long daily queues at London St Pancras are only being avoided by the company limiting capacity. / Extra Brexit border checks mean the processing rate for passengers at Eurostar’s London station has been cut by nearly a third, according to the cross-Channel rail operator’s boss.
Extra border checks mean St Pancras can't handle as many passengers as it did before Brexit.
Problems faced by Eurostar as a result of the pandemic, Brexit and rising costs have been set out in detail in a letter from outgoing CEO Jacques Damas to the Chair of the UK’s House of Commons Transport Select Committee.
Capacity at London St Pancras is down by one-third because of extra passport checks – meaning fewer seats and higher fares.
Europe-bound trains won’t stop at Ashford and Ebbsfleet International stations for at least ‘two to three years’.
The new Great British Railways logo has been branded “eye-bleedingly awful”.
Surely we can do better than sticking British flag logos onto German-owned, Japanese-made trains?
Be that down to Brexit, suppressed world trade, supply chain issues or the political climate, Britain seems to be falling out of the overland picture, opened with such enthusiasm almost exactly four years ago.
"Bloody EU, promoting international train travel to save the planet," Best For Britain said.
Regular rail freight services between Dublin Port and the intermodal terminal at Ballina in the north-west of Ireland have been suspended. The extraordinary cause is a backlog of cargo in the port, which operators blame on congestion in the wake of Brexit. The matter has been the subject of debate in the Irish parliament, and widely reported in Irish media.
A busy rail freight line that ran cargo directly from Dublin Port to Ballina in Co Mayo for local businesses such as Coca-Cola has been suspended because the port is so clogged up following Brexit.
Since the Brexit, a shift of volumes has been observed to Ireland, and rail is taking the benefit. In Ireland as well as in Europe, seabound cargo is reaching the hinterland by train. And the volumes continue to increase, judging by the number of vessels going out.
Post-Brexit trade disruption and ongoing congestion are causing critical build-ups of containers at UK ports, according to the latest data from Container xChange.