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Labour shortages, Brexit red tape and the war in Ukraine will lead to further increases in construction costs in the UK, according to a major survey.
A new survey commissioned by OGL Group reveals that Covid, Brexit and the continued reliance on manual processes are the greatest factors affecting profitability for architecture, engineering and building sector wholesale businesses in 2022.
THOUSANDS of construction workers are needed in Scotland, according to new figures from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).
ONS figures show GDP fell by 0.3 per cent in April, with all three main sectors suffering a fall in output for the first time since January 2021.
A RECORD 78 per cent of UK firms attempting to recruit faced difficulties in finding staff in the first quarter, a survey by British Chambers of Commerce shows.
Perceptions about post-Brexit Britain, new visa rules and the pandemic have combined to make it more difficult to recruit EU nationals to some construction roles. What is the industry doing about this?
Keith Cooper examines how access and scaffolding companies are coping with the twin crises of rising material costs and labour shortages.
The major Adam Smith Theatre renovation in Kirkcaldy has gone £1.7 million over budget due to Covid-19 and Brexit.
HOUSING developers have been warned to expect higher costs and longer building schedules because of supply chain delays related to Covid and Brexit.
Ministers have met this week with the construction industry to hold talks over controversial post-Brexit safety testing rules that the sector argues could delay the construction of 150,000 new homes next year, E&T can reveal.
The rising cost of building materials and worker shortages in the construction sector as a result of Brexit are to blame for a lack of progress on London’s affordable housing targets, Sadiq Khan has said.
Covid and Brexit have delayed developments across Sheffield, including the flagship Heart of the City 2 project.
The impacts of Brexit, the pandemic and the surging costs of materials are hampering some Nottinghamshire councils in delivering on their housing targets.
On Thursday 20 January 2022 at 12.30pm, ACE’s group for emerging professionals will explore the effects of Brexit on the construction industry, in a special webinar co-hosted by Ellie Eastwood and Harry Coates of legal experts Beale & Co.
The construction industry has warned the government that the exit from the European construction products certification system is causing severe problems across the sector.
Brexit and the pandemic has been blamed for the soaring cost of a new pedestrian bridge in Glasgow.
Restoration work on St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall has been hit by a hold-up in the delivery of specialist glassware from the continent.
Government told that lack of capacity to test products will hit supplies and disrupt building projects.
Sebastian Przetakowski, who has worked in the industry in the UK for almost two decades, said he is currently fully booked up until next year and has to turn down work because he can no longer find bricklayers and carpenters.
The ripple effects are being felt across a wide range of sectors, from farming and construction to retail.
A delayed multi-million pound bypass project partly paid for by EU funds has been hit by rising costs due to Brexit and the pandemic, councillors in Gwynedd have been told.
As the construction supply chain is crippled, homeowners' plans are falling by the wayside.
A council officer said projects where contracts are yet to be agreed are "more at risk" as councillors heard how 'increasing numbers of goods and services are proving challenging to procure'.
At gas stations, there’s fuel rationing and hours-long lineups. At the supermarket, there’s sometimes no milk or meat, and warnings that Christmas turkeys may be unavailable – along with Christmas trees and many popular toys. Building materials are so scarce that construction sites have shut down.