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Ministers say leaving the EU ‘has given the UK a world of future opportunities’. So I have tracked down the travel advantages.
The Chancellor and Prime Minister need a plan to counter figures showing lower growth after the hit to EU trade.
Two reports published on the same day, 31 January 2022, appear likely to help us to understand what are the consequences of the decision to leave the European Union taken by the people of the United Kingdom in June 2016, over five and a half years ago. At last, one might suppose, we can reckon with what Brexit truly entails...
The government’s 102-page document is heavy on hype, light on detail and devoid of good sense.
Hundreds of researchers and organisations across Europe have called for the rapid association of the UK and Switzerland to Horizon Europe.
THERE are no discernable benefits of Brexit, the chief executive of Scotland Food and Drink has said. / James Withers also rubbished claims that leaving the EU had enhanced “global Britain” and mocked the appointment of a new Minister for Brexit Opportunities.
The UK government has said it will correct an error which saw Lerwick referred to as “Lewrick” in a report on the “benefits of Brexit”.
The Benefits of Brexit doc is out. What do I think on its space sections? TLDR: membership of the EU would not have prevented the major space policy actions championed in this document. When it comes to 'bringing govs together', leaving the EU has actually made it harder.
A Midlothian MSP has been told to move on from constitutional debate after a survey revealed that most Brits do not believe Brexit has benefited the United Kingdom.
The reality that Leavers are facing is that the promised benefits of Brexit are hard to achieve while the costs are hard to avoid.
The government is seeking to disentangle domestic law from EU law – handing more power to unaccountable ministers.
Industry leaders fail to see the ‘streamlined and simplified’ customs paperwork hailed by UK government.
Sam Bright unravels nine key claims made in the 100-page paper. / The paper is introduced with more than a dozen bullet points – summarising the key ways in which the Government has taken advantage of Brexit. However, this was an attempt at distortion and hyperbole – masking the ways in which leaving the EU has failed on its own terms.
Chris Grey looks at the untruths, half truths and vague aspirations of the 102 page report on the benefits of leaving the EU, and discovers a ministerial power grab and a glaring failure to account for any of the costs.