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British Chambers of Commerce presents government with urgent recommendations as members report struggling to sell into EU.
Years after Britain quit the European Union, its businesses are still suffering from lower sales as red tape makes it harder to export to the 27-nation bloc.
Meanwhile former Cabinet minister George Eustice questioned the negotiating strategy that led to the Australia and New Zealand trade deals.
Brexit has "permanently damaged" the UK economy, former Bank of England policymaker Michael Saunders warned as London was deposed as Europe's biggest stock market.
The UK delayed the roll-out of new post-Brexit product safety marking in order to stave off extra costs for companies that are already under pressure due to rising inflation and expected tax rises.
Businesses had protested that the ‘UKCA’ quality mark represented pointless and costly red tape.
Are you a quality manager for a small medical device start-up looking to expand into global markets? Or maybe you are a seasoned device manufacturer preparing to once again traverse quality regulations to deliver a new product to the European market?
An interesting story in the weekend press, one that highlights the negative impact of Brexit on innovation and product development here in the UK.
With the exception of the very lowest risk devices, manufacturers must apply to a UK approved body. Only after they have UKCA certification can their products be placed on the market in England, Wales and Scotland.
No updates on key issues facing the industry following summer of political turmoil, CPA boss says.
Government hoped to sell new guidance as ‘Brexit benefit’. / The government expects zero economic benefit from the reintroduction of crown symbols on pint glasses, ministers have admitted.
For new medical devices entering the UK market, they will only need to comply with the old, and for some, less stringent, device standard (MDR, 2002). / ... Coupled with the additional authorisation process required to reach the UK market, this may lead to delays or deter companies from selling their products in the UK altogether.
Ministers have met this week with the construction industry to hold talks over controversial post-Brexit safety testing rules that the sector argues could delay the construction of 150,000 new homes next year, E&T can reveal.
Jacob Rees-Mogg raises business hopes by saying there is ‘no point’ to tests – but is slapped down by No 10
Continuing the letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg, reminding him – he seems to need reminding – of the many new opportunities created by Brexit.
Medical devices illustrate the limited scope for post-Brexit UK divergence from EU rules, and the trade-offs the UK must face. / 'Many manufacturers have suggested they will not bother with the additional cost and complexity of putting their devices through the UKCA processes on top of the updated European process.'
To mark the first anniversary of the trade deal between the UK and the EU, Downing Street issued a press release about how prime minister Boris Johnson plans to "maximise the benefits of Brexit".
The switch from the old European CE mark to the new UKCA conformity mark on construction products and machinery is not working out, government has been told.
The future of the UK drone industry, one of Britain’s prime opportunities for growth, and many other UK-based manufacturing exporters, will be severely threatened once the UK’s eligibility for the EU’s CE accreditation regime expires at the end of December 2022.
Government told that lack of capacity to test products will hit supplies and disrupt building projects.
Business Minister Paul Scully questioned by MPs on the European Scrutiny Committee on how the Government intends to safeguard the integrity of the UK’s product safety standards, including the new ‘UKCA’ safety marking for products in Great Britain.
Suppliers said to be unwilling to stock up because of confusion over safety labelling and extra paperwork.
The Bicycle Association (BA) has published a series of guides which offer information on matters of interest to the cycling industry and the public. More detailed guidance is available to BA member companies.
Shortages of cardboard and timber have created extra pressures on the sector.
Government to allow businesses to continue using European CE certification for another year.