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Three years on, Brexit is still impacting both U.K. and Europe-based brands in luxury fashion. Niche and young brands, in particular, are having a hard time with the fallout, though many have secured manageable workarounds.
Three years after Brexit, we asked designers, design entrepreneurs and representatives of British design organisations how the withdrawal from the European Union has affected the design industry.
Arts missing out on tens of millions from expanded EU fund, say campaigners.
Jonas Lencer said the office was set up to make it easier to bid for jobs on the continent and hire EU-based staff.
The number of European Union students applying to study art and design in the UK has fallen by more than half compared to last year.
The bosses of some of the most prestigious names in British interior design plan to shift operations to Europe after Downing Street snubbed their concerns about “severe” Brexit trade barriers.
Designers and architects in the UK are suffering in the wake of Brexit, with companies abandoning exports and setting up offices in the EU to avoid losing clients.
Following the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020 (Exit Day), UK businesses who previously relied on Community Unregistered Design Right (CUDR) may no longer benefit from this valuable form of protection for their designs.
The Brexit vote has led to a "brain drain" of teaching staff and a drop in student numbers at the UK's architecture and design institutes, according to a body representing creative higher education establishments, which warns that universities will be forced to shut down.