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Nathalie Loiseau says no alternatives have been proposed to Brexit deal. / A senior ally of Emmanuel Macron has told Brexiteers that they must "face reality" over the consequences of leaving the EU.
The impact of the UK’s departure from the EU and the continuing tensions over the Northern Ireland protocol have reinforced the concept of a united Ireland for many.
Cold Feet star Jimmy Nesbitt will deliver the keynote address at the Ireland’s Future event in Dublin.
The UK risks a trade war with the EU if the next Tory leader and prime minister rip up parts of the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland, an MEP has warned.
Refusal to nominate speaker derails legislature and raises stakes in London’s dispute with Brussels
Sinn Fein was once disparaged as the political wing of the IRA. It’s now on course to be the biggest party in both the north and south of the island.
Dublin's foreign affairs minister Simon Coveney has said the decision to halt Northern Ireland Protocol checks would be a “breach of international law”.
Neale Richmond says NI protocol ‘isn’t going anywhere’ despite British efforts to ‘trash’ it.
Leo Varadkar said Fine Gael is the party to "unify our island" in his lifetime.
Senior Conservatives are not backing down on their rebellion against Boris Johnson's controversial Brexit legislation despite his warning that the EU could "carve up" the United Kingdom without it.
Ireland described the proposal as "worrying" and dismissed any suggestion that the country would align with the UK.
As Brexit looms, nationalists in Northern Ireland are increasingly looking to Dublin for representation. Now, as Ben Kelly explains, political parties are responding in new, innovative ways.
This is not just a tale of selfless cross-party unity in the face of a national crisis – it is also a strategic choice on the part of the country's two biggest parties.