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The UK has signed a pact with the EU to increase co-operation on financial services. / It will set up a forum where the EU and UK can meet twice a year to discuss financial regulation and standards.
The European Commission has adopted a draft memorandum of understanding to create a framework of financial services regulatory cooperation with the UK.
The European Union published three draft laws today to lift economic growth by deepening its capital market through less reliance on post-Brexit London, cutting red tape on company listings and streamlining insolvency rules.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s push to override parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol is driven more by Conservative Party politics than a concern for the region, a senior European Union official said on Wednesday.
Mairead McGuinness, European commissioner for financial stability, financial services and the capital markets union, says Brexit equivalence on clearing is over in 2025.
UK-based derivatives clearing houses will no longer have access to the European Union after June 2025, the EU’s financial services chief has said.
There will be no access to the European Union for Britain's derivatives clearing houses after June 2025, the bloc's financial services chief Mairead McGuinness said on Friday.
The European Commission’s financial services head insisted that U.K. clearinghouses will get no further access to the bloc’s markets after 2025, knocking back the Bank of England governor’s calls for an indefinite trade route into the European Union.
“This announcement has created uncertainty and unpredictability and certainly no stability, so I’m not sure what the purpose of this move is … it’s an absolute breach of international law," an EU official has said.
Ireland’s European commissioner criticises decision by DUP minister affecting food and animal imports.
NI Minister of Agriculture should publish legal advice, says manufacturing body.
European media responded with shock and disbelief this morning after a minister in Northern Ireland ordered to end checks on food in his country and the UK declared it won’t do anything about it.
Mandatory clearing of derivatives contracts by pension funds in the European Union should start in June 2023, helping the bloc to cut reliance on London, the EU's securities watchdog said on Tuesday.
Neale Richmond says NI protocol ‘isn’t going anywhere’ despite British efforts to ‘trash’ it.
WESTMINSTER "threats" to suspend Northern Ireland border rules are "not helpful" when the problems are down to Brexit, a leading Irish politician has said.
EU commissioner says UK was instrumental in developing many of the EU’s rules.
THERE is no plan to curb Ireland’s access to the EU single market as a fallback to resolve the Brexit crux over the North, the Irish Commissioner Mairead McGuinness has insisted.
In an exclusive interview, Ireland’s EU commissioner Mairead McGuinness told the Irish Independent the UK was “playing a very dangerous game” by inflaming tensions in the North.
Mairead McGuinness has launched a plan to strengthen EU’s financial system post-Brexit.
The European Union is ready for every type of Brexit, including granting no further EU access to Britain’s financial sector, the bloc’s candidate for financial services chief said in a document seen by Reuters.