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A letter from the UK government to Stormont's Agriculture Department instructs it to start work on check-points at NI's sea ports without delay.
Irish Justice Minister Helen McEntee says the UK's actions over Brexit have set talks back and "damaged trust" between Britain and Ireland. / She told Sophy Ridge it is "simply not the case" that the EU has threatened to block food supplies between Northem Ireland and Great Britain and bring in a full scale trade border down the Irish Sea.
Former prime ministers urge MPs to reject legislation, saying it endangers Irish peace process.
Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has said the UK government is behaving in an "extraordinary way" over Brexit.
‘I can’t believe that any side would be acting in such a cavalier way when we're talking about a fragile peace in the North of Ireland’
There are good reasons to believe latest move is partly theatre, but there are hefty issues at stake.
In four months’ time, an avalanche of checks, paperwork and tariffs looks certain to hit Northern Ireland.
Flagging trade talks have seen little progress.
Senior Brexiteers endorsed the Prime Minister’s deal but some have now turned against it and want to see it replaced.
House of Lords hears costs related to chilled and fresh goods could prove a fatal barrier.
Health certificates could add 40,000-pound cost per truck. / Supermarkets may pull out if business unviable: Trade group. / Extra paperwork required by Brexit will raise U.K. supermarkets’ cost of operating in Northern Ireland so much that some may pull out, a trade group warned.
Northern Ireland minister say government cannot be expected to provide businesses with all information 'from day one'.
Every time Johnson Government waffles on about NI's integral place in UK Internal Market and guarantee of unfettered trade with Great Britain, this Commission summary of what businesses need to prepare for under Tories' "Great Brexit Deal" acts as a very effective lie detector.
Warning of cross-Channel permits for only 2,088 businesses from January without a trade deal – a huge fall from 8,348.
A group of MPs has questioned if the government can meet its promise of "unfettered" trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.
HMRC document shows firms in Great Britain will be obliged to complete three types of electronic paperwork.
DUP MP questions Boris Johnson’s plans after producing letter about preparations.
DUP MP Sammy Wilson has been urged to apologise for the consequences of his pro-Brexit position after he claimed the Port of Larne has been told to prepare to become a border control point.
British minister says North’s businesses won’t need exit summary declarations when they send goods to rest of the UK.
Lords committee warns uncertainty over trading rules may add to economic damage of crisis.
Michael Gove has insisted that there will be no ‘new customs infrastructure in Northern Ireland after Brexit before claiming there would be ‘some expansion of existing infrastructure’, sparking accusations of “double speak” from one Lib Dem MP.