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Street disorder linked to Brexit has led to speculation about a resurgence of activity, says the Independent Reporting Commission (IRC) report.
Business chiefs and economists say huge disruption lies ahead if Downing Street triggers Article 16.
Dominic Cummings, the mastermind behind the 2016 U.K. vote to leave the European Union, said it would be a “disaster” if Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended parts of the Brexit deal over trade in Northern Ireland.
“Senior EU officials in Brussels ... believe escalation in the form of a trade war — probably early in the new year — is now almost unavoidable,” Eurasia analysts have said.
European affairs minister says British government out of step with preserving peace with protocol threats.
Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said that the Cabinet’s Brexit sub-committee met on Monday to “essentially dust down and restart contingency preparations” in case a trade war develops with the UK.
Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister criticised the UK Government’s approach to negotiations on the Irish Sea trade arrangements.
The European Union said on Friday that Britain had made no move to seek a compromise on post-Brexit trade with Northern Ireland and cautioned London against triggering emergency unilateral provisions in the Brexit deal.
Disorder has again broken out in Belfast during protests against the Brexit protocol.
Frans Timmermans said it was ‘extremely well-known in London’ that UK demand could not be met.
Opposition to the arrangements that have created trade barriers between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK was a factor behind rioting that flared in several loyalist areas across the region in April.
Diverting trade from Wales a ‘consequence of Brexit’, says Irish Foreign Minister.
The former prime minister’s hollow catchphrase captured a fundamental truth—just not the one she thought it did.
If so, Ireland would risk being seen as less than a full member of the EU single market.
Mark Brown’s Belfast deli is at the coalface of Brexit supply issues. He hopes for progress
Northern Ireland, food prices, the ease of a deal - it turns out that many of the claims made by those advocating Brexit were not quite true...
The EU has gone to the limits of what it can do to resolve the problems of post-Brexit trade in Northern Ireland, the bloc’s ambassador to the UK has said.
The EU will later set out a range of proposals, including removing up to half of custom checks, in a bid to resolve the political stand-off over trade in Northern Ireland.
Tory minister David Frost proposes plans for an entirely new Northern Ireland Protocol – "trashing" a deal he once triumphed.
"..the goalposts continuously seem to change from the perspective of David Frost’s negotiation strategy and I think now that we’re seeing the goalposts shift once more."
EU leaders urged to push back against No 10’s brinkmanship over role of European Court of Justice.
Lord Frost told the Conservative conference that the ‘long bad dream’ of our EU membership is over but his is just beginning.
Lord Frost said the deal that he negotiated had "begun to come apart even more quickly than we feared"
It would be "profoundly tragic" if the government moves to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, a senior Labour figure has said.
The Speaker of the US House of Representatives said today that a breakdown in the talks over the Northern Ireland Protocol would be “problematic” for a post-Brexit UK-US trade deal.