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Irish PM says preparations for checks at ports and airports are being ramped up.
The statements came today after reports suggested that Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered his Brexit team to find ways to "get around" the Northern Ireland protocol.
Leo Varadkar has urged the British government to tone down “nationalist rhetoric” over Brexit, and branded Dominic Raab’s memo to UK diplomats to sit separately from their EU counterparts as “petty”.
United bloc will continue to protect its interests, say Michel Barnier and Leo Varadkar
Boris Johnson announces plans to take personal charge of his own "task-force Europe" as Leo Varadkar talks up Brussels' team.
Taoiseach says Corbyn’s renegotiation plan would not be a problem.
Irish PM and head of European parliament give their support to three-month extension.
EU gives go-ahead to weekend meetings after PM appears to backtrack on customs stance.
Taoiseach’s talks with Johnson in Liverpool defined as focusing on Brexit deal ‘process’.
Sources from both sides confirm that no further negotiations are scheduled.
Sources say PM’s insistence on Ireland customs border means there is no basis for discussions
Ireland’s Leo Varadkar says PM’s pledge of no hard border contradicts written proposal.
A leading group of MEPs responsible for UK-EU negotiations have "grave concerns" about Boris Johnson's new Brexit proposals.
The European Union is "open but not convinced" by the UK PM's new proposals for a Brexit deal with the EU, the president of the European Council says.
UK proposals "do not match even remotely" Northern Irish backstop plan, says steering group.
Irish prime minister says he will study the plans further and consult with other EU leaders.
Leo Varadkar says government must submit plans in writing before EU summit in October.
Luxembourg talks are not expected to deliver a breakthrough as the clock ticks down to 31 October.
Boris Johnson stands accused of lying to the Queen amid calls for him to go. John Bercow, one of the most colourful protagonists of the Brexit drama, is to quit as Speaker of the House of Commons.
If only our own government were honest enough also to communicate this clear & blunt reality to the UK public.