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The leader of Northern Ireland’s nationalist Social Democratic and Labour Party on Brexit, power-sharing and updating the Good Friday Agreement.
With Catholics now outnumbering Protestants in Northern Ireland, advocates for unification are starting to believe their dream could become a reality. But is it inevitable – and would a referendum reignite old enmities?
Leo Varadkar has been urged to establish a citizens’ assembly on Irish unity when he returns to the office of Taoiseach next month.
Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson told the event an independent Scotland could be a ‘bridge’ between the EU and the rest of the UK. /
Ireland’s Future document says true cost of unification not Earth-shattering in context of Government spending.
Ireland’s Future : Views of some of those who will participate in the event on Saturday.
The impact of the UK’s departure from the EU and the continuing tensions over the Northern Ireland protocol have reinforced the concept of a united Ireland for many.
THE SON of the late Rev Ian Paisley has said talk of a united Ireland is not as easily dismissed as it once was and that Brexit bears much of the responsibility for transforming attitudes.
Cold Feet star Jimmy Nesbitt will deliver the keynote address at the Ireland’s Future event in Dublin.
rexit is still influencing constitutional issues in the UK, with ‘Remainers’ increasingly unhappy with and mistrusting the government, an event discussing the National Centre for Social Research’s (NatCen’s) British Social Attitudes report has heard.
Brexit after Boris 31/07/2022
Boris Johnson became prime minister on the promise that Brexit would bring prosperity and pride. Did it?
The Sinn Fein president said preparations for a referendum on Irish unity should begin.
Almost two-thirds of people in Northern Ireland believe that Brexit has increased the likelihood of Irish unity, according to the results of a social attitudes survey.
SUPPORT for a united Ireland is continuing to grow since Brexit made it more likely, a new report by the north's universities has revealed.
Almost two-thirds of people in Northern Ireland believe that Brexit has increased the likelihood of Irish unity, according to the results of a social attitudes survey.
A REFERENDUM on Irish reunification is “closer than ever before” thanks to Brexit, Michelle O’Neill has said.
Sinn Fein was once disparaged as the political wing of the IRA. It’s now on course to be the biggest party in both the north and south of the island.
The Northern Irish Minister of Agriculture ordered his services to stop post-Brexit controls on foodstuffs at midnight, an order whose practical consequences and legality are being questioned in the midst of negotiations between London and Brussels.
“What worries me is the casual political vandalism. They really don’t seem to care," Tony Blair's former chief negotiator on Northern Ireland has said.
SINCE THE 2016 Brexit vote, talks of Irish reunification among the people and pundits are being discussed more than ever.
Panelists discuss the ongoing challenges in the post-Brexit process, the prospects that Northern Ireland and Scotland could leave the United Kingdom via referendums, and the possible implications for U.S. foreign policy in the United Kingdom and Europe.
Ex-PM joins fellow former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith in raising concerns over the potential break-up of the United Kingdom.
Two-thirds of people say a border poll should be held at some point in the wake of Brexit.
The annual march in which loyalists celebrate their ties to the United Kingdom comes as Brexit has created a new border in the Irish Sea — and the future of the U.K. is tenuous.