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Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister is the end of what little hope remained that the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill would be scrapped.
Labour’s leader is perceived to be sitting on his hands over Europe. But private discussions with European leaders tell a different story.
London replies to European Commission in a letter setting out Britain’s unilateral decision to carry on with the status quo.
UK government set to pitch extension of ‘grace periods’ rather than triggering Article 16.
Deep within the Northern Ireland protocol bill, ministers are making a sinister grab for yet more unchecked powers.
There are serious doubts about the government's justification for unilaterally overriding the Northern Ireland Protocol, legal experts have told MPs.
With a potential trade war looming, Conservatives are stuck in an ever-more destructive disagreement over what Britain should look like outside the EU.
Fresh from scandals and an attempted ousting, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest plan is to tear up key parts of a post-Brexit agreement on Northern Ireland he made himself less than three years ago.
It is difficult to make sense of what Johnson’s Brexit government is doing, or trying to do, as regards the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP). I discussed the background in last week’s post, much of which remains relevant, but since then there have been daily, almost hourly, contradictory signals and reports.
Lawyers reject Liz Truss’s claim that UK is able to dump parts of treaty with EU without its agreement.
There are a ‘lack of things to talk about‘, ex-negotiator argues – one day after collapse in trading links revealed.
The prime minister is expected to give ministers powers to override parts of the Northern Ireland protocol.
Irish Sea border checks are a legal requirement and it is right they are continuing, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis has told MPs.
Ulster Unionist Party leader Doug Beattie has claimed anti-Northern Ireland Protocol rallies are stoking tensions and his party can no longer support them.
Brexit may have been a reality for more than a year, with most opposition politicians reluctant to talk about it anymore, but that does not mean that it has broad public acceptance in the UK.
Two years since Britain left the EU, Brexit is still very much at the top of the news agenda with lorry queues lengthening at Dover as exporting firms struggle with red tape.
Anyone in the EU who has endured Boris Johnson’s serial dishonesty would need a heart of stone not to gloat at his current difficulties. A prime minister who signed an international treaty thinking he could break it when it suited him was never likely to be a very effective enforcer of coronavirus restrictions with his team in 10 Downing Street.
Joao Vale de Almeida, the bloc’s ambassador to the UK, said it is unhelpful to ‘keep agitating the issue’ of triggering Article 16.
Former Secretary of State Peter Hain has backed claims the Prime Minister is guilty of endangering the peace process in pursuit of Brexit.
“What worries me is the casual political vandalism. They really don’t seem to care," Tony Blair's former chief negotiator on Northern Ireland has said.
European Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic said a compromise can still be found.
The UK has abandoned its attempt to strip EU judges of the power to oversee the Northern Ireland Protocol, in another Brexit climbdown.