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Eurosceptic Tory MPs wary of groundwork being laid for a softer Brexit. But Downing Street insiders protest that the idea of a renegotiation is ‘f***king nonsense’.
Northern Ireland minister’s proposal comes after PM denied plans for Swiss-style relationship with EU.
Northern Ireland Minister Steve Baker is seeking to renegotiate part of the Brexit trade agreement to fix problems caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol.
There are still unresolved issues with the Northern Ireland Protocol despite changes made by the EU, says a major pharmaceutical firm.
The European Union’s executive arm warned the bloc’s 27 members that the UK hasn’t made progress in solving Brexit-related problems since Rishi Sunak became prime minister, even though his new government has offered a more conciliatory tone.
British retailer warns of ‘gathering storm’ of higher costs and pressure on budgets.
Nathalie Loiseau says no alternatives have been proposed to Brexit deal. / A senior ally of Emmanuel Macron has told Brexiteers that they must "face reality" over the consequences of leaving the EU.
It places the DUP in the uncomfortable position of appearing at odds with the stance of the public health service itself.
Tension within loyalist communities is greater than at any point since the ceasefires of 1994, the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) leader has said.
The North is facing another toxic, polarising and futile Assembly election.
Brussels is watching the incoming PM’s Cabinet reshuffle for signs on his approach to post-Brexit relations
"There is no substance to Sir Jeffrey's claim" / A health trust has rejected claims by DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson that life-saving heart surgery was delayed because of Brexit's Northern Ireland Protocol.
Advancing the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill through Parliament is "poisoning the whole relationship" behind UK-EU negotiations, Lord Clarke has said.
Loyalist paramilitaries probably played a role in organising protest rallies against the Northern Ireland Protocol this year, a police commander has said.
Northern Ireland politicians are making a last-ditch attempt to break a political impasse triggered by Brexit that has stopped the formation of a functioning government in Belfast.
Brexit’s harvest 27/10/2022
Brexit-induced labour shortages are going to be a limiting factor in the pursuit of growth, growth, growth
The new Prime Minister was decisively on the side of those who claimed that the country would have a better future outside the EU.
The lack of serious negotiation over the Northern Ireland Protocol has been a "terrible dereliction of duty" by the UK government, Lord Mandelson has said.
Try and find an instance of the market reacting to tax cuts anywhere else on Earth the way it reacted to the UK’s mere mention of such a simple policy. The market usually loves tax cuts. Not this time. Why?
In this film, senior FT writers and British businesspeople examine how Brexit hit the UK economy, the political conspiracy of silence, and why there has not yet been a convincing case for a 'Brexit dividend'.
The majority of people across the UK are in favour of a negotiated settlement in sorting out the Northern Ireland Protocol issue, according to a new poll by the Tony Blair Institute.
Many Conservative party members will be wondering where they go from here. / There is talk of damage limitation and trying to save as many seats as possible in the next election.
International delivery firm ParcelHero says August’s £800m fall in EU trade adds to the UK’s economic woes.
Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister is the end of what little hope remained that the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill would be scrapped.
Some of the brightest scientific minds are leaving the UK, as they lose access to European funding in the wake of Brexit, SkyNews has found.