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The Irish News view: NIO minister Steve Baker is wrong to say basis of unity vote should change
Having, by his own admission, completely failed to understand the horrors that the EU referendum would unleash on the politics of the United Kingdom, it is partly grimly ironic, but mainly just grim, that self-described Brexit hardman Steve Baker is now bringing to bear his unique brand of absolutely no wisdom whatsoever to the political sensitivities of Northern Ireland.
A new book argues that Ireland must be united in order for the UK to realise full national sovereignty. One of the authors tells Political Correspondent John Manley why unionists based in Britain should start agitating for a border poll.
Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson told the event an independent Scotland could be a ‘bridge’ between the EU and the rest of the UK. /
Cold Feet star Jimmy Nesbitt will deliver the keynote address at the Ireland’s Future event in Dublin.
Brexit after Boris 31/07/2022
Boris Johnson became prime minister on the promise that Brexit would bring prosperity and pride. Did it?
The Sinn Fein president said preparations for a referendum on Irish unity should begin.
Sinn Fein was once disparaged as the political wing of the IRA. It’s now on course to be the biggest party in both the north and south of the island.
The Northern Irish Minister of Agriculture ordered his services to stop post-Brexit controls on foodstuffs at midnight, an order whose practical consequences and legality are being questioned in the midst of negotiations between London and Brussels.
“What worries me is the casual political vandalism. They really don’t seem to care," Tony Blair's former chief negotiator on Northern Ireland has said.
Two-thirds of people say a border poll should be held at some point in the wake of Brexit.
As some say the call for a border poll on a United Ireland is growing, what would it take to get to that point, and what would it mean to be a Unionist, if the Union no longer exists?
How a referendum would be triggered and the options offered to voters are fraught with difficulty
A majority of people on both sides of the Irish border believes Northern Ireland will have left the UK within 25 years, a poll suggests.
The renewed tension in Northern Ireland could have far-reaching implications for the future of the United Kingdom - and post-Brexit relations with the EU.
The author of a new paper on what a future united Ireland could look like has said lessons should be learned from Brexit when it comes to avoiding a "chaotic" poll.
But survey finds public split on whether Brexit will make any difference to unity debate.
WHETHER OR NOT Ireland moves to hold a referendum on unity in the coming years, discussing how such a vote might happen is a useful exercise.
Taoiseach Micheál Martin has stressed the importance of reconciliation as he pushed back against recent calls in the United States for a referendum on Irish unity.
FORMER Taoiseach Bertie Ahern believes a referendum on Irish unity should take place before 2030 but only following preparation.
Academics hold up Brexit as an example of the dangers of voting on an abstract concept.
We spoke to Democratic Congressman Brendan Boyle, who sits on the House Committee on Ways and Means, which is responsible for international trade agreements.
PM on collision course with Joe Biden and EU if he pushes ahead with "lamentable" proposals.
Republican sentiment is rising over fears that Brexit will tank the economy, but Northern Ireland’s unionists won’t go quietly.
Brexit is a “game-changer” that could trigger a referendum on Irish unification within three years, the leader of the nationalist Sinn Finn party said Saturday.