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He said the move "hugely reduces" the risk of post-Brexit divergence on product standards between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.
Goods across the entire UK will have the words ‘not for EU’ printed on their packaging as a consequence of Brexit, the foreign secretary has said.
The leader of Northern Ireland’s nationalist Social Democratic and Labour Party on Brexit, power-sharing and updating the Good Friday Agreement.
Rishi Sunak claimed the UK offers a “very special status” to Scotland when challenged to replicate Northern Ireland’s “special” EU single market access for other home nations.
Sinn Féin accuses UK government of ‘Tory petulance’ claiming its leader Mary Lou McDonald had been excluded from the talks.
Loyalist paramilitaries probably played a role in organising protest rallies against the Northern Ireland Protocol this year, a police commander has said.
The impact of the UK’s departure from the EU and the continuing tensions over the Northern Ireland protocol have reinforced the concept of a united Ireland for many.
There were some concerns raised with SDLP councillor Rory Farrell and Sinn Féin councillor Conor Heaney laying the blame for the loss of European funding firmly on Brexit.
The Government has "systematically destroyed" trust across Ireland, according to SDLP Claire Hanna who has criticised Boris Johnson at his last Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs).
Legislation has been published by the British government this evening which overrides the post-Brexit trade arrangements for Ireland and severely breaches both the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and international law.
A majority of MLAs in the Stormont Assembly have signed a joint letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson stating their opposition to proposed legislation to amend the Northern Ireland Protocol.
Northern Ireland's Assembly will meet on Monday after a successful petition to recall members back to Stormont.
Refusal to nominate speaker derails legislature and raises stakes in London’s dispute with Brussels
Other parties in Northern Ireland’s unraveling administration say Boris Johnson doesn’t care whether power-sharing survives in Belfast.
SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Matthew O’Toole has said the DUP’s “foolhardy pursuit of a hard Brexit” is impacting young people’s futures.
Increases in university fees of almost 60 per cent are be considered by the Department for the Economy.
Former PM brands mooted UK policy ‘absurd’.
Opposition to the arrangements that have created trade barriers between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK was a factor behind rioting that flared in several loyalist areas across the region in April.
Dogmatic obsession means that Johnson won’t lift a finger to help Northern Ireland.
Unilateral extension over checks on chilled meats likely to be rejected by Brussels.
A Stormont department is paying compensation to building contractors because of the decision to stop work on permanent inspection facilities at Northern Ireland's ports, it has emerged.
Even the keenest Brexiteer must feel that the process has been tortuously long. / That has been, in large part, because successive British governments have refused to accept the trade-off between untrammelled sovereignty and friction-free access to the EU’s single market, a refusal that shapes today’s increasingly testy relationship.
DUP leader under fire for rejecting EU offer that would remove 80% of protocol checks.
AN SDLP Assembly member has criticised the questioning of new DUP leader Edwin Poots on yesterday's Andrew Marr Show.