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The Leeds-based brewery was co-founded in 2011 by John Gyngell and Christian Townsley, who said in a statement that the firm is now looking for additional investment. They put the brewery's plight down to the ongoing impact of Covid, Brexit, the cost of living crisis and rising input costs.
This week's Brexit downsides: half a billion in extra costs to import food, the collapse of trade talks with Canada and more.
An award-winning Newcastle brewery has announced its closure - blaming "escalating energy costs", Brexit and health reasons.
His two cents on Brexit? "It's just made things so difficult."
BrewDog CEO James Watt has warned that Brexit “has been tragic for UK business”, including his own.
Leaving the EU has “massively handicapped UK companies that do business in Europe", James Watt has said.
Operators are both baffled and annoyed with the chancellor's supposed assistance. / "To conflate this with Brexit is complete nonsense. They either want to help the pubs or not. If you want a link to Brexit, the damage done is far worse than the freezing of some duty."
It reported that customers in Europe wanted to take British beer but that it was not cost-effective.
A Kent brewery that the government proclaimed as an export champion after Brexit, is racing to find a buyer weeks after it revealed it had only one EU customer left.
A certain group of Brexiteers have got everything they wanted - but they still yearn for the impossible.
The Old Dairy Brewery in Tenterden, Kent, is suffering from Brexit, and is ready to pull out of exporting to EU countries. ... But now they are finding it too costly and onerous to comply with all those procedures. Brexit, they say, has reduced their exports by 95%.
It comes as a British wine wholesaler ‘left Brexitland for good’ over paperwork, and is flourishing by all accounts.
It is more than a month since the UK's new trading relationship with the European Union (EU) came into being but the transition has been far from easy for some businesses. From being told to set up operations in Europe, having goods stuck in port and facing increased costs to clear the border, three North East firms reveal the reality of adapting to the new rules.
A Kent brewery says it has seen a 95% drop in export sales since the UK left the EU.
‘Everything’s just a lot more difficult and it’s costing us more’
Fownes Brewery in Brierley Hill is one of many which has felt the effects of the UK leaving the European Union, with co-owner James Fownes detailing some of the issues he's had to face.
The company was set up in 2015 by businesswoman Heather McDonald and specialised in "100% natural, vegan-friendly beers".
The artisan brewing business based in Kinloss, Morayshire, founded by Heather McDonald, has suffered “unsustainable cash flow problems” arising from the rapid contraction of the global hospitality and licensed trade industry and problems and costs for exporters arising from Brexit.
A Morayshire craft brewer that had built up a loyal following for its distinctive beers has fallen into administration amid hospitality and Brexit headwinds.