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THE SCOTTISH Government has welcomed No 10's decision to ditch its planned Brexit “bonfire" of EU laws.
The heads of two Stormont departments have described the delivery of British government funds that are designed to replace EU money after Brexit as "fragmented" and a "highly sub-optimal way to serve the people of Northern Ireland".
The Westminster Government is set to make a funding announcement on Friday for Northern Ireland charities and community organisations facing a financial crisis. / At the end of this month, money from the European Social Fund (ESF) comes to an end due to Brexit.
Organisations who help people with disabilities to work warned as far back as 2019 there was a "lack of detail" about what would replace EU funding.
Both Blair and Marc spoke at an event held by East Belfast Mission to highlight the risks to groups which help disadvantaged, vulnerable and disabled people if European Social Funding is not replaced soon.
A FORMER States deputy says he was ‘fed up of watching and wanted to do something’ as he prepares to return to Ukraine just under three months since his last visit. ‘Brexit has made it difficult to move anything.’
The most vulnerable people in society will suffer if community services lose funding at the end of March, organisations have warned. / Money from the European Social Fund (ESF) is due to stop on 31 March as a result of Brexit.
Each year, donations from the Channel Islands make their way across Europe to help some of the most vulnerable. / But Jersey charities say that Brexit has created an "absolute nightmare" of extra costs and added paperwork.
India supplies the NHS with a quarter of its medicines and changes to pharma monopoly rights and patent laws under leaked plans could see costs spiral.
Organisations are worried that the effort to help those struggling this winter is being hampered by supply chain issues.
BREXIT is to blame for conditions that caused a Scottish blueberry farmer to donate his £3 million crop to charity, according to an SNP MP. / Peter Thomson, who has around 60 acres of blueberry bushes on his farm in Blairgowrie, announced that it was no longer economically worthwhile for him to harvest the crop due to the value of the fruit falling by around £1 million this year.
A bill to remove EU-derived laws that include 570 environmental regulations will cause serious ecological harm, charities and MPs have warned.
It is more than a month since the UK's new trading relationship with the European Union (EU) came into being but the transition has been far from easy for some businesses. From being told to set up operations in Europe, having goods stuck in port and facing increased costs to clear the border, three North East firms reveal the reality of adapting to the new rules.
A crisis relief charity is being drafted in to ease the suffering of lorry drivers in post-Brexit queues. RE:ACT Disaster Response usually respond to help after earthquakes, hurricanes and floods.
RE:ACT Disaster Response has agreed a £180,000 six-month contract with Kent County Council to ease stuck truckers’ nightmare waits to board ferries and Eurotunnel shuttles
The music charity Help Musicians is set to provide a new fund that will give UK-based artists advice and planning tips regarding touring Europe in the post-Brexit climate.
A total of £250,000 is available for those affected by Covid-19 and Brexit.
Frustrated charity workers have said that items they are trying to get to war-torn Ukraine are stuck at the Port of Dover due to complex post-Brexit paperwork and custom checks.
Brexit is preventing small charities from getting supplies to the Ukrainian border.
Polish charity says three vans were blocked from getting on ferry because they didn’t have required paperwork.
Frustrated charity bosses say post-Brexit customs red tape at Dover has held up the transportation of aid shipments to Ukraine.
Ireland’s only charity-funded air ambulance is facing a massive €320,000 Vat bill because of a Brexit-related change in aircraft leasing — unless the Government acts.
BREXIT has halted charitable efforts from Swindon which help vulnerable street dogs and cats in the European Union.
The UK’s official departure from the EU took place on January 1, 2021. The Brexit roll-out, not unexpectedly, has been awash with problems.
Exports to EU halt due to border delays and paperwork.