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Britain's reliance on Moroccan fruit and vegetable has grown rapidly following its withdrawal from the EU at the end of last year, prompting it to establish alternative trading partners.
Scotland's food and drink industry is warning of price rises and potential shortages when new Brexit rules on imports come into force in April.
More than 15,000 direct and indirect jobs are currently being affected negatively due to the failure of Ghana and UK to sign a post Brexit trade agreement that allows Ghanaian fruit producers’ tariff free access to the UK market as exists under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Nimisha Raja did all she could to prepare her business for 1 January but the upheaval is already taking its toll.
Leaving the EU single market and customs union will bring new friction and red tape for food importers
According to the boss of Europe’s largest haulage trade body, the UK is looking at a ‘nightmare scenario’ that will lead to ‘weeks, if not months’ of shortages.
Fruit importers have begun redirecting European trade routes away from Dover-Calais to minimise disruption from the end of the transition period.
A British fruit and veg farmer fears his crop will rot in the ground this year because of a shortage of pickers caused by Brexit and coronavirus.
UK urgently needs 90,000 labourers to pick crops that will otherwise die in the fields, warns charity.
A Norfolk farmer fears fruit and vegetable operations like his could go bust if new immigration rules close the door to migrant workers who harvest and pack their crops.
'This is going to hit us in January....customers are really going to see the problems on supermarket shelves'
‘The level of food waste is morally reprehensible,’ says National Farmers’ Union chair.
Applicable since 1 August 2017, the EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme combines two previous schemes (the school fruit and vegetables scheme and the school milk scheme) under a single legal framework for more efficiency and an enhanced focus on health and educational.
ITV News has figures showing tonnes of food is being wasted, as a shortage of farm workers means some UK crops are not being harvested.
Low consumer confidence also affects sales at Morrisons, and Co-op says crashing out of EU threatens its supply chain.
Supermarket chain says it may have to fly in fruit as it books extra warehouse space to stockpile goods
The UK food industry said the main impact of such a departure from the bloc will be on fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables, which cannot be stockpiled by retailers or consumers and are largely imported from the EU during the winter months.
As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit scenario increases, and the government publishes its “no-deal preparedness” notices, it is worth taking stock of the sheer variety of problems that would arise with a no-deal Brexit – and the devastating consequences that would arise from such a legal limbo. Here’s what we know so far.
Industry draws link between politicians’ talk of crashing out of EU and firms losing clients. / A no-deal Brexit will be “commercial suicide” with tens of thousands of jobs already lost in the UK because of the political uncertainty, manufacturing representatives have said.
Competition over pay leads to fears there won’t be enough EU summer workers to harvest forecast bumper crop.
The 'tariff nerd' received thousands of retweets after debunking the MP's claims.