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Rishi Sunak needs to grasp that ‘smart subsidy’ is what is powering our global rivals.
Manufacturers say fears over red tape and political chaos are creating more uncertainty.
European firms have gone cold on doing business in UK, survey finds.
40% of UK manufacturers have looked to domesticate supply lines, while many EU firms are complacent about trading with British companies, Make UK says.
Trade body Make UK adds to pressure on Rishi Sunak as it calls for reset of relationships with Europe. / Business leaders say frayed relations with the EU are costing the British economy, as suppliers in the bloc grow more cautious about doing business with post-Brexit Britain.
British Chambers of Commerce presents government with urgent recommendations as members report struggling to sell into EU.
The consequences of ending the free movement of people between Britain and the EU are becoming painfully clear.
The OBR forecast that Brexit would cost the UK economy 4% of GDP now looks ridiculously optimistic as the damage mounts.
Political chaos since Brexit is to blame, say manufacturers.
Manufacturing organisation Make UK said the sector is battling to fill 95,000 vacancies.
The UK regions and Nations which voted for Brexit have increased their dependence on the EU for manufacturing exports, while the European market remains the overwhelming favoured destination for the sector.
Research also reveals EU remains ‘overwhelmingly dominant’ destination for UK manufacturing exports.
The EU’s share of Wales’ export market has risen from 58% to 60%, despite a reduced dependence on the EU and opening up export markets with the rest of the world being a stated objective of the Brexit project.
Growth in the UK’s manufacturing sector slowed further last month to a two-year-low as concerns over the global economy and raw material shortages impacted new orders.
HALF of manufacturers fear Brexit customs costs will harm their businesses this year, according to a leading industry body.
Company leaders said Brexit is one of their biggest concerns – with key issues being a lack of access to EU migrants.
One year after the UK completed its exit of the EU, two-thirds of British manufacturers have said that Brexit has hampered their business ‘moderately or significantly’.
Make UK says two-thirds of companies fear customs delays and red tape from new rules will further hamper supply chains.
Food and drink firms are seeing "terrifying" price rises, a sector trade body has said, warning of a knock-on effect for consumers.
Government to allow businesses to continue using European CE certification for another year.
"It’s very difficult to date for manufacturers to see any benefit from leaving," an organisation representing thousands of businesses has said.
UK-based manufacturers and supply chains could face a fresh wave of disruption because of a failure to agree crucial safety standards with the European Union, industry leaders are warning.
January deadline is scuppering UK supply chains as they reel from the pandemic.
Heinz's announcement that it was to start making ketchup in the UK again was widely hailed, but the UK's post-Brexit food and drink manufacturing sector still faces stern challenges.
One month after Britain made a New Year split from the European Union’s economic embrace, businesses that once traded freely are getting used to frustrating checks, delays and red tape.