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Under cover of the pandemic, his inner circle is sidelining elected MPs and pushing through laws with no scrutiny
The supreme irony is that, despite all those Vote Leave promises, Brexit is making it harder to control UK borders.
PM vowed to ‘take back control’ – but dithering has handed advantage to countries on other side of the table, Institute for Government says.
When the bell tolls at eleven o’clock tonight, ringing out Britain’s membership of the EU, an entire phase of British history will come to a close. For nearly half a century – from 1973 to 2020 – perhaps the single most important fact about British history was its membership of the European Union (or ‘Community’, until 1993).
Brexit will never be over.
Chlorinated chicken is just the start. The government intends to rip up food standards, public services and public protections.
Boris Johnson’s government is waging a war of words not against the EU but the British people.
The prime minister’s snappy, inane slogan is the prelude to inevitable lies, betrayal and duplicity.
‘It is undemocratic to shut off parliament,’ European politicians say. ‘We know that democracy works and we need resist threats to it by any means’.
A giant video screen is being driven round Michael Gove's constituency, reminding people that he was against prorogation for a no-deal Brexit just two months ago.
A legal challenge to try to prevent Boris Johnson shutting down parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit is to get under way later.
Vote Leave campaign chief – the brains behind the notorious ‘£350m-a-week for the NHS’ claim – to be taken into No 10.
Professor Michael Dougan, Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law, University of Liverpool, outlines the challenges faced by the UK and then the options available. He outlines some of the techniques employed by the Leave campaign and gives his prognosis for the state of Britain in years to come.
A rationalist has destroyed Leave claims that exiting the EU means “taking back control” by listing all the EU laws that have been forced on us against our will.
The March. The Revoke petition. The Government that can’t govern and the amendment that put MPs in charge of Britain’s destiny at last. Was this the week that Brexiters lost control of Brexit?
Frank-Walter Steinmeier says Vote Leave promise that exit from EU would allow UK to ‘take back control’ will come to nothing.