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Mired in politicking, the Brexit Freedoms Bill that will ‘move us away from outdated EU laws’ has still to be published. What lawyers are confronted with at present is an elaborate game of charades.
Statutory body says 2.5 million EU nationals settled in UK have been put at automatic risk of losing rights.
Report increases fears government is determined to weaken judicial scrutiny.
Reported move triggers backlash from lawyers, with one senior QC quoted as saying the prime minister is seeking a ‘more compliant judiciary’.
Former reviewer of terror laws says minister’s foreword mischaracterises experts’ conclusions.
A claim by British secretary of state Brandon Lewis that there is no Irish Sea border does not match the legal reality, the High Court heard today.
Court battle to give parliament more say over departure from EU was won using legal process.
No 10 to target judicial reviews brought ‘for political motives’ to ‘restore trust’ – but a leading critic fears ‘a monstrous attack on the courts’.
The Conservatives are to review the 'constitutional plumbing' of the country to stop the courts being used for political ends.
Unchecked, unbalanced and channelling an unsavoury populism, a prime minister that I’ve helped to keep in check in the courts could soon be free to do whatever he pleases
Ploy to evade legal obligations would be ‘grave affront to UK’s constitutional order’.
Boris Johnson has been warned he could trigger the “gravest” constitutional crisis since Charles I if he refused to resign after losing a vote of no confidence, as a prominent businesswoman threatened a judicial review.
I for one would be prepared to go and seek judicial review to prevent Parliament being bypassed'
Former prime minister Sir John Major has told the BBC he would seek a judicial review in the courts if the new prime minister tried to suspend Parliament to deliver a no-deal Brexit.