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1. Robbie Gibb asked me this question a while ago. I can’t say what he doesn’t know, but I can break down his article. / 2. I’m going to go through the article line by line to reiterate my original point, starting with the suggestion that our position is “all laid out” in the Conservative Manifesto.
Unchecked, unbalanced and channelling an unsavoury populism, a prime minister that I’ve helped to keep in check in the courts could soon be free to do whatever he pleases
Conservative manifesto plans mean continued Brexit uncertainty and risk no-deal crash-out at end of 2020, says thinktank.
Sir Ivan Rogers condemns 'diplomatic amateurism' that will lead to hugely damaging trade deal – or a crash-out Brexit in a year. / Boris Johnson is deceiving voters by claiming he will “get Brexit done” quickly and hiding the “biggest crisis” yet to come, a former ambassador to the EU is warning.
Prime minister intends to ‘change the scope of the royal prerogative and become a dictator’ campaigner Gina Miller suggests.
UK could leave without a deal in December 2020, Boris Johnson confirms.
Ex-EU ambassador says PM’s ‘strategy errors’ will make good trade deal harder to achieve.
One of the main concerns is that any update will serve the Conservatives' own interests.
Taoiseach says Corbyn’s renegotiation plan would not be a problem.
‘Michael Gove is barking up the wrong tree and knows it,’ says Greenpeace.
A FORMER MEP for UKIP, who defected and joined the Brexit Party, has warned voters to avoid his own colleagues ahead of December's general election. / "I would strongly urge anyone thinking of voting @brexitparty_uk not to do so...it is a hollowed out shell with no members but supporters and no manifesto"
Prime Minister battles to contain growing backbench revolt.
He’s the most effective demagogue in a generation. Now he sets the agenda. / "The Brexit Party’s campaign was a one-man show. While it has a sophisticated digital strategy, the party has no members and no manifesto, and none of its candidates were democratically selected."
The Greens are calling for another referendum on Europe. / The Green party was formed in 1990, and has traditionally stood on a left-wing and environmentalist platform.
The best way to stop Brexit is to support those parties which are unequivocal about staying in the European Union.
A key initiative in the Conservative Party’s 2015 manifesto was to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998. ... On 25 July 2016, a workshop was held at UCL to discuss these plans, and their implications in light of the UK’s new political environment post-Brexit.
Candidates say the party is ‘almost in denial’ over vote and will not publish manifesto. / Conservative officials fear the party could come sixth in the European elections, with their support plummeting to single digits.
'Our manifesto sets out a clear and positive vision for the UK within the EU, and we can achieve it by stopping Brexit'. / Vince Cable's Liberal Democrats are to launch their European elections campaign manifesto today under the blunt slogan: "Bollocks to Brexit".
"Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit and stay in the European Union. We passionately believe that Britain is stronger as part of the European Union and we have led the fight to give the people the final say on the Brexit deal"
No, it isn't the usual sort of language we would use in a political document, but let's be honest: these are not usual times. / ‘Bollocks to Brexit’. That’s the slogan on the front of the Lib Dem’s manifesto, which is officially launched this evening in east London.
Nigel Farage has batted off requests for transparency about the Brexit Party’s policies at a launch announcing their MEP candidates.