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The UK’S membership of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership offers little gain for the British economy.
After the Brexit referendum in 2016, European jurisdictions began to create their own specialist commercial courts, given the potential impact of leaving the EU on the UK’s own courts.
However, disenchantment with Brexit has been one of the most notable trends of 2022 with a feeling that it has not lived up to the promises made at the time of the referendum. / Two thirds or 65% of British people think Brexit has gone badly compared to just 21% who think it has gone well according to an Opinium survey in early December.
The EU referendum was won based on a corrupt campaign, but the courts can't void the result because the referendum only advisory, according to the barrister who took the government to court.
John Cole explores the government's response to a petition calling for an enquiry into the impact of Brexit before it's debated in parliament.
In a recent decision, the Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof) had an opportunity to provide further guidance regarding the obligation of UK claimants to provide security for costs in German proceedings.
A European Court of Human Rights ruling stopped the flight. It is a totally separate institution from the EU.
Deep within the Northern Ireland protocol bill, ministers are making a sinister grab for yet more unchecked powers.
Described by some as the EU of Africa, the African Union is a 55 member union that works together to develop a "A United and Strong Africa". In this video we explain the union, how took inspiration from the European Union and what it's planning for the future.
Proposal to replace Human Rights Act with bill of rights is effort to make government ‘untouchable’, say critics.
To safeguard potential reimbursement claims against foreign plaintiffs, the German law of civil procedure contains a provision according to which the defendant can request plaintiffs outside the European Economic Area to provide a cost security before they can sue in German courts.
Mired in politicking, the Brexit Freedoms Bill that will ‘move us away from outdated EU laws’ has still to be published. What lawyers are confronted with at present is an elaborate game of charades.
Report increases fears government is determined to weaken judicial scrutiny.
Reported move triggers backlash from lawyers, with one senior QC quoted as saying the prime minister is seeking a ‘more compliant judiciary’.
The Caribbean Court of Justice is the judicial institution of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Established in 2005, it is based in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
We need permission from France, Germany et al to rejoin an international treaty or risk hamstringing a large part of Britain’s legal services industry.
Saturday 20 February was the 50th day since Boris Johnson’s Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) came into effect. Anyone expecting it to settle all questions, or even most of the details, of how we will do business with the EU from now on will be mightily disappointed.
Longest-serving supreme court justice says healthy democracy requires checks on ministers.
African Union law is the body of law comprising treaties, resolutions and decisions that have direct and indirect application to the member States of the African Union (AU).
Eleanor Sharpston, an advocate general, will replaced by a Greek candidate because of Brexit.
Peers back three amendments including right of EU citizens to physical proof of right to stay in UK.
No 10 to target judicial reviews brought ‘for political motives’ to ‘restore trust’ – but a leading critic fears ‘a monstrous attack on the courts’.
The Conservatives are to review the 'constitutional plumbing' of the country to stop the courts being used for political ends.
Peers expected to attempt to amend bill as it passes through Lords.