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Willie Hay has claimed Boris Johnson ‘split the United Kingdom‘ by introducing a ‘border in the Irish Sea’ in his eagerness to ‘get Brexit done’.
Rishi Sunak has been warned that some of his ministers may resign over his post-Brexit deal with the EU if it jeopardises Northern Ireland’s place in the union.
SCOTLAND can expect Liz Truss's "hard-line" approach to the EU if she becomes prime minister, a Tory MP has suggested.
Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s deputy prime minister, has accused the British government of risking the break-up of the United Kingdom and making “shocking” blunders over Northern Ireland.
Britain is pressing on with a plan to rip up parts of the post-Brexit trade deal it signed with the European Union.
Supermarket chief slams move aimed at pleasing ‘small minority who hark for the past’. / Arts minister Stephen Parkinson gave incorrect answers when Kay Burley asked him to convert ounces and grams into pounds.
Northern Ireland's Assembly will meet on Monday after a successful petition to recall members back to Stormont.
THE European Commission (EC) has urged the UK to “engage” over the Northern Ireland Protocol as the Welsh first minister hit out at Westminster plans to override the Brexit agreement.
Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and the Vote Leave campaign claimed fuel bills would be lower for everyone following Brexit. Instead, bills have risen exponentially.
Irish Sea border checks are a legal requirement and it is right they are continuing, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis has told MPs.
Non-Irish EU citizens will need US-style waiver to cross border.
“This announcement has created uncertainty and unpredictability and certainly no stability, so I’m not sure what the purpose of this move is … it’s an absolute breach of international law," an EU official has said.
Ireland’s European commissioner criticises decision by DUP minister affecting food and animal imports.
The status of Brexit checks at Northern Ireland ports remained unclear on Thursday morning after a deadline passed for a ministerial order to halt them.
European media responded with shock and disbelief this morning after a minister in Northern Ireland ordered to end checks on food in his country and the UK declared it won’t do anything about it.
The UK Government’s Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis has indicated that he will not intervene after the controversial move by the devolved minister.
The wealthy ghouls who fund the Tory party expect their quid pro quo – and this legislation will deliver it.
Former Secretary of State Peter Hain has backed claims the Prime Minister is guilty of endangering the peace process in pursuit of Brexit.
Government should lift ‘veil of secrecy’ as big decisions are made about protocol, says shadow NI secretary.
The London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster reflects on Britain’s government.
JOHN Bruton has accused the British government of using "threatening" language while "pretending" that it did not sign-up to a trade border in the Irish Sea.
No hint of contrition or constructiveness in article by Lord Frost and Brandon Lewis... just menace.
Irish foreign minister hits out at Brexit minister over provocative article on Northern Ireland protocol
Labour leader accuses British prime minister of ‘reckless’ approach to peace process.
Frost’s latest remarks have been slammed as “a very strange way to make friends and build partnerships”.