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Opposition parties could stage a vote of confidence in the Government next week to prevent no-deal Brexit, a senior SNP MP has said.
The chances Boris Johnson could face a vote of no-confidence have just shot up.
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson will suspend Parliament for more than a month before Brexit, enraging opponents and raising the stakes in the country's most serious political crisis in decades.
MPs must pass a no-confidence vote in the government and trigger a general election
Nick Boles fears ruse is way to suspend parliament for general election – to be held after UK has crashed out of EU. / Boris Johnson is ready to “declare no confidence in himself” as a trick to thwart MPs and carry out a no-deal Brexit, a senior MP is warning.
Jeremy Corbyn is "open to" using legislation to prevent a no-deal Brexit if his plan to overthrow the government in a vote of no confidence fails, the BBC has learned.
"We agree that our common priority should be to work together in parliament to prevent no-deal Brexit."
Accusing rebel MPs and EU of ‘a terrible collaboration’, prime minister admits: ‘The longer that goes on, the more likely it is of course that we will be forced to leave with a no-deal Brexit’
Opposition MPs have been in private talks for weeks about a government of national unity.
Labour leader insists he could lead a "strictly time-limited" national unity government to delay Brexit, call an election, and stop no deal on October 31.
Jeremy Corbyn aims to stop a no-deal Brexit by becoming the head of a caretaker government after winning a no-confidence vote in the government.
Shadow home secretary says MPs need to act quickly after recess to avert no-deal Brexit.
Focusing only on constitutional battles risks playing into Downing Street’s ‘frame that MPs are frustrating rather than protecting democracy’, strategy note says.
Institute for Government says parliament passing motions or no-confidence vote may not be enough.
‘If we have a populist in government who is flouting convention and acting in a way that bypasses the sovereignty of parliament, parliament will respond accordingly’
The headlong rush to an end nobody voted for, and why No Deal is a man-made asteroid strike. ... Linguistic programming as Johnson drills the buzzphrase “undemocratic backstop” into the national mind. ... Ingrid – our secret agent within the Tory Party – finally succumbs to Stockholm Syndrome. The Government’s snappy 1,400 page No Deal for small businesses.
MPs are considering a bid to cancel the annual autumn recess set aside for party conferences in a fresh attempt to prevent Boris Johnson ploughing ahead with a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.
Rebel MPs are working on a plan to thwart Boris Johnson pursuing a no-deal Brexit on 31 October that involves forcing parliament to sit through the autumn recess, amid growing outrage about the power and influence of his controversial aide, Dominic Cummings.
Boris Johnson has been warned he could trigger the “gravest” constitutional crisis since Charles I if he refused to resign after losing a vote of no confidence, as a prominent businesswoman threatened a judicial review.
Dominic Grieve - Dominic Cummings is "simply wrong" about Parliament being able to stop a #NoDealBrexit on October the 31st.
Boris Johnson accused of acting like Stuart king with ‘divine right to rule’ after Downing Street says UK leaving EU whatever the circumstances.
Boris Johnson and his team have only 3 months before Brexit, "very little time" to make significant preparations for a no-deal scenario says Sumona Guha, Albright Stonebridge Group Vice President.
Chancellor refuses to rule out supporting no-confidence motion to stop no-deal Brexit.
Chancellor rubbishes claim by Boris Johnson ally that no-deal exit could boost economy by £80bn.