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Peers also voted to provide EU citizens with physical proof of their right to stay in UK.
Peers back three amendments including right of EU citizens to physical proof of right to stay in UK.
Peers expected to attempt to amend bill as it passes through Lords.
The Bill passed its third reading in the Commons and will now be considered by the House of Lords.
Unchecked, unbalanced and channelling an unsavoury populism, a prime minister that I’ve helped to keep in check in the courts could soon be free to do whatever he pleases
Scotland Yard looks into claims of potential bribery as former lord chancellor demands investigation of 'exceptionally serious allegations'.
Brexit party leader claims other candidates were offered seats in Lords in move that ‘borders on corruption’.
‘This is clearly an attempt to make it harder for the public and parliament to ensure protections are not traded away’
A law which will make a no-deal Brexit illegal without parliamentary approval has been passed by the House of Lords.
The author of a new law to block a no-deal Brexit, which completed its passage through parliament on Friday, has said he is "very troubled" by suggestions that prime minister Boris Johnson will not comply with it.
After another dramatic day in the House of Commons, what happens next?
Government waves white flag on legislation to force PM to seek Brexit delay.
Labour slams 'anti-democratic' filibuster as Eurosceptics try to run down the clock to PM's suspension of parliament next week.
Conservatives table more than 86 amendments to Labour motion should it pass Commons.
MPs are set for a crunch Brexit vote on Thursday after peers passed a plan designed to stop Boris Johnson suspending parliament to force through no deal.
Peers back plan that would force ministers to make series of statements in parliament in run-up to EU exit deadline.
Labour’s leader in the House of Lords, Angela Smith, is spearheading a cross-party bid to force the government to set up a powerful new committee to report by September on the risks of a no-deal Brexit.
Theresa May faces a fresh headache over her Brexit strategy after peers inflicted a defeat on the government in favour of keeping the UK in a customs union with the EU.
Peers criticise government plan as ‘not credible’ and warn of ‘huge cliff edge’ facing businesses reliant on chemicals.
Major infrastructure projects could be 'hurt' if the government fails to 'plug the funding gap'
Former minister says he will back efforts to ensure parliament has meaningful say on government’s negotiated deal.
“We now face the most momentous peacetime decision,” said Heseltine, as Lords hand government their second Brexit bill defeat.