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Ministers discussed having weekend sittings in the Lords to ensure the deal can be passed by the end of the month.
PM risks major confrontation with Joe Biden by persevering with internal market bill.
Lord Falconer issues warning as House of Lords prepares to vote on internal market bill.
PM on collision course with Joe Biden and EU if he pushes ahead with "lamentable" proposals.
‘How can we reproach other countries if their behaviour becomes reprehensible when we ourselves have such scant regard for the treaties we sign up to’, former Tory leader says
Downing Street says it is prepared to overturn any changes to the legislation.
Labour's Lord Falconer tells HuffPost UK internal market bill could cost Britain a "terrible price" with peers set to defeat government.
President-elect says peace in Northern Ireland must not be casualty of Brexit.
Joe Biden has warned PM if elected he will not sign trade deal unless certain clauses removed.
Peers have told ministers they have "serious concerns" about the supply of prescription drugs to Northern Ireland after the Brexit transition period ends in just two months.
Peers will launch bid to block legislation until it’s been approved by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
‘The damage is to our standing in the world,’ says former chief justice Igor Judge.
Peers back by huge margin amendment saying Bill would ‘undermine the rule of law’.
Conservative Baroness Couttie said there is a lack of evidence to back up the government's claim that the EU is acting in bad faith.
Peers have backed a "regret" amendment by a majority of 226, condemning the contentious provisions and warning they "would undermine the rule of law and damage the reputation of the United Kingdom".
The legislation begins its passage through the House of Lords on Monday and is likely to be heavily amended.
"The only winners if we remove legal routes to safety for refugee children trying to reach family here are the criminals and the traffickers," says Lord Dubs.
Warning that legislation ‘would undermine rule of law and damage reputation of UK’ passes with thumping majority of 226.
MPs are expected to vote on Lord Dubs’s amendment to government’s flagship post-Brexit immigration bill on Monday
Archbishops warn bill could ‘further undermine trust and goodwill’ among home nations.
"Families should be together," says Lord Dubs, who fled the Nazis as a child and led peers' immigration bill revolt.
The U.K.’s most senior Anglican bishops have warned that legislation breaching part of the Brexit divorce agreement the government signed with the European Union will set a “disastrous precedent” and could undermine peace in Northern Ireland.
Longest-serving supreme court justice says healthy democracy requires checks on ministers.
Fisheries bill amendments on sustainable quotas and banning of supertrawlers defeated.
The House of Commons is debating whether to accept Lords amendments to the Agriculture Bill