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Only a third of Leavers still see it as a success. So why won’t Starmer speak up?
Labour shortages have made inflation more persistent, Joost Derks said, putting Britain's economy in a slippery slope.
A caller in Amsterdam has said that "the Dutch and Belgians feel very sorry for the UK at the moment", in regard to the fallout of Brexit.
Although the pound is losing value, exports are lagging. Bureaucratic hurdles also paralyze trade. Brexit is a catastrophe in other respects too.
Obwohl das Pfund an Wert verliert, hinkt der Export. Bürokratische Hürden lähmen den Handel zusätzlich. Auch sonst ist der Brexit eine Katastrophe.
"Brexit was the first time a nation imposed economic sanctions on itself", one viewer commented.
PARIS, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Britain's destiny lies in Europe and the country had been sold "a sort of mirage" with Brexit, said European Union industry chief Thierry Breton on Sunday, as he commented on the political turmoil currently afflicting the UK.
The words for chaotic instability might change from country to country but the reaction is uniform across Europe to Britain’s politics.
Observers suggest PM’s failure could spell end of ‘wishful thinking’ of a sovereign Britain going its own way. / Six years on from the Brexit referendum, continental observers have become used to Westminster meltdowns – but many see in the latest cataclysm the inevitable finale of a project that was always divorced from reality.
Conservative Party ‘drained of all substance and competence’.
Disastrous mini-budget has seen Britain become gag line on the international stage.
Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s deputy prime minister, has accused the British government of risking the break-up of the United Kingdom and making “shocking” blunders over Northern Ireland.
Ministers express ‘unity’ on European Commission’s legal proceedings in Luxembourg meeting.
Boris Johnson’s rotten regime has not covered itself in glory. / For an un-jaundiced sense of how post-Brexit – sorry Global – Britain is viewed from abroad as the wheels fall off Boris Johnson’s rotten regime, Italy is a good place to start.
Foreign Secretary Liz Truss just announced the Government’s intention to introduce legislation “in the coming weeks to make changes in the [Northern Ireland] protocol”.
Britain is facing a rough road that holds little prospect of promised glory days.
European media responded with shock and disbelief this morning after a minister in Northern Ireland ordered to end checks on food in his country and the UK declared it won’t do anything about it.
63% of people say their view of Britain has changed since it left the EU, and of those, 95% say it has changed for the worse.
In this lecture, Sara Hobolt examined unique survey evidence to explore the short-term and long-term impact of Brexit on public attitudes towards the European Union.
As British people walk among empty supermarket shelves, they could be forgiven for being concerned about Christmas. When the government deploys the army and desperately tries to import thousands of foreign temporary workers, the promised post-Brexit “sunlit uplands” seem rather distant. The most acute shortage is that of lorry drivers.
‘Look at what’s going on with store shelves’ and ‘the restocking of fuel,’ says Thierry Breton.
Thierry Breton, the French politician who is also the European Commission's internal market commissioner, said on Tuesday that Brexit was a "catastrophe" for the United Kingdom.
French finance minister Bruno Le Maire has told the BBC that leaving the single market after Brexit has made the supply chain crisis worse for the UK.
Analysts in Europe say Britain committed “Anglo-Saxon suicide” when it voted for Brexit.
As Britain struggles with shortages, many Europeans are moving on from the dramas of Brexit, reports International Correspondent Borzou Daragahi.