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The man who speaks for the City knows the bankers can’t do without Europe.
The banks pay huge amounts of tax. If they lose business, then Britain’s economy will suffer.
Specialist expat financial planner Blevins Franks is reporting that it is seeing a large increase in the number of UK IFAs enquiring about a move to Europe, spurred by passporting barriers post-Brexit.
UK insurer exodus ‘exacerbates’ difficulties facing dwindling number of homeowners.
It appears that many European financial services firms are not interested in continuing to be authorised in the City, as only half of EU firms that were given a temporary license to operate in the UK – immediately after Brexit – have applied for full authorisation, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.
Welcome to the first in a series of articles which will examine the impact of Brexit on the financial service sector. The aim of these posts is to explain how being outside the EEA will impact key financial service sectors such as asset management, banking and insurance.
Move by UK regulator seen as limiting relocation to EU’s financial centres.
House of lords says ‘significant challenges remain’ for the financial services sector.
As of 2021 UK financial firms lost access to the EU single market and now need regulatory equivalence to do business on the continent. Brexit really does mean Brexit for the City of London, writes John Ryan (LSE).
A week ago the UK fully left the EU. The moment we all campaigned against, warned about and feared the consequences of became reality – and it’s every bit as bad as forecast.
Equivalence permits for UK financial services unlikely to be ready by January 1st.
'Yet a no deal outcome would still have profound implications for the uK. as we analyse in what follows, from trade to connectivity to foreign policy to cooperation in policing, a failure to strike an agreement with the eu will impact on us in numerous ways.'
The European Union is ready for every type of Brexit, including granting no further EU access to Britain’s financial sector, the bloc’s candidate for financial services chief said in a document seen by Reuters.
According to financial experts, EU rules will force UK banks to cancel accounts and credit cards of any expat that does not have a UK address.
JPMorgan, the biggest U.S. bank, is moving around €200 billion euros ($230 billion) from the U.K. to Germany as a result of Britain’s exit from the EU. Here’s why.
Lloyds and Barclays among banks taking action due to lack of post-Brexit trade deal.
Lloyds and Barclays say without a deal they cannot afford to keep EU-based customers.
Coutts & Co., the private U.K. bank that counts Queen Elizabeth II among its clients, has warned customers within the European Economic Area that it can no longer offer them mortgages due to Brexit.
Brexit will never be over.
Croatia’s prime minister, Andrej Plenković, hinted at move to ensure level playing field.
Swissquote Group Holding SA will likely shift its European retail business from London to Luxembourg following Brexit.
Especially if you supported Leave. It's a brutal, lengthy, detailed dissection of all the potential economic damage leaving the EU will do to the UK.