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It is one of a number of staffing impacts playing out in museums across the UK this summer as they grapple with the combined effects of Covid and Brexit.
The Arts Council of Northern Ireland (ACNI) has published a report highlighting the implications for culture in Northern Ireland of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union (EU).
"We can certainly see the impact of Brexit in our visitor profile,” she adds. “We have virtually no EU visitors now."
MA joins creative industry representatives to call for urgent action. / The current terms of the Brexit trade deal make it virtually impossible for creative professionals to work in the EU on a short-term basis.
Prominent Brexiteers have championed the project, claiming they want to set up an institution to tell the story of Britain’s exit from the European Union “before items and stories get lost”.
Organisers behind the Museum of Brexit want the public to donate money and mementos to create a permanent exhibition devoted to the UK’s exit from the EU.
Leave campaigners behind project only won charitable status by vowing it would tell balanced story.
Organisers are pushing ahead with plans to build a Brexit museum this autumn despite coronavirus sparking delays.
Images of the piece of paper being pointed at the then-Ukip leader went viral around the world.
Figures from arts institutions fear 2022 event could alienate remain-supporting visitors.
Some of the UK's most prestigious museums could be forced to cancel exhibitions if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal, according to a batch of secret memos.
The association said that leaving the EU without a deal would “have a highly damaging impact on: the communities that museums serve, people who work in and with museums, and the sharing of collections, ideas and expertise across European borders”.
Sector bodies warn of immediate hit to funding, touring and networks.
Fears that Britain’s flagship museums will be forced to scrap major exhibitions after Brexit can be revealed today.
Visa uncertainty and expected loss of EU funding affecting culture industry, leaders say. The expected loss of EU funding and uncertainty over the status of EU nationals after March 2019 meant UK museums were already losing scientists, researchers and curators, and there was a shortage of archaeologists, they said.