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An MP says the fishing industry in the East of England is still struggling despite hopes of a Brexit revival. / Peter Aldous, the MP for Waveney in Suffolk, told a parliamentary debate on the state of fishing that there had been "no significant improvement" since Britain left the EU.
British rice milling industry faces wipe-out from part of a trade deal being discussed with India. First proposed by Boris Johnson, it is also predicted to raise consumer food prices and break UK limits on pesticides.
The charity behind a Suffolk zoo has urged the government to unlock conservation barriers that were caused by Brexit.
Norfolk and Suffolk is receiving about 20pc less of the funding it used to get each year from the European Union, an analysis has revealed.
The delay in extra checks on EU imports has been criticised by businesses for creating confusion and leaving UK borders vulnerable to unsafe produce.
A recent government report warned that labour shortages "caused by Brexit and accentuated by the pandemic" were badly affecting our food and farming sector, with fruit suppliers often forced to leave produce rotting in the fields.
A lack of food and farm workers “caused by Brexit and accentuated by the pandemic” meant at least 35,000 pigs were culled and tonnes of crops left to rot in the fields last year, a damning report has revealed.
Businesses in Suffolk have faced more "red tape and bureaucracy" during the first year of Brexit, according to two company owners.
Ken Thompson, who runs Bussens & Parkin in Mildenhall in Suffolk, said a lack of stock has left him with no choice but to put his kitchen and bathrooms business into insolvency.
A kitchen and bathroom shop with a builders' merchant founded in 1912 is to close as a result of Covid lockdowns and Brexit supply issues.
Council leaders were told Brexit and a poor deal on NHS contracts had also added to the local recruitment crisis, which has left people being forced to travel out of county to get treatment.
A pig farmer from Suffolk is set to quit his profession after more than two decades, saying that the shortage of butchers which may lead to a mass cull of pigs is the final straw.
After six years and nearly £500,000, fears have been aired over the future of the Shotley pier restoration.
The UK's new trading relationship with the European Union (EU) might be less than two weeks old but some businesses - and their European customers - are already struggling to adjust to the new trading landscape.
Brexit is having as much or more of an impact on the mental health of small business owners in Suffolk than the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been warned.
A district councillor has claimed 'people didn't know what they were voting for' when they decided to leave the European Union, and blasted quitting the bloc as a 'complete and utter disaster'.
The owner of a popular Bury St Edmunds shop which specialises in European beers fears he may have to close after Brexit related red tape depleted his stock.
Company says Brexit would have been factor in closure of Glemsford site in Suffolk.
A Brexit-related exodus of EU workers from Suffolk has seen restaurants close, business advisors warned today.
A factory that employs around 500 people in Suffolk is to close down and Brexit has been blamed.
Philips is to close its factory at Glemsford in Suffolk and transfer operations to the Netherlands, putting 430 jobs at risk, amid continuing uncertainty around Brexit.