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Focus on substance rather than Diwali deadline, trade secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan told.
Claim that UK farming at risk if ‘soft’ approach pursued with countries with ‘less qualms’ about quality.
International Agreements Committee warns of dangers of ‘arbitary’ Diwali deadline. / The government's rushed negotiating strategy for getting a Brexit free trade agreement (FTA) with India risks a bad deal, a parliamentary committee has warned.
MiCA law contains measures to guard against market abuse and manipulation.
Jacob Rees-Mogg has issued a plea to readers of a tabloid newspaper to write to him if they can identify any possible benefits of Brexit.
A speech made by David Lammy in 2019 has cropped up again on the back of Brexiteer outrage over visa controls.
Ruptures have once again emerged across government over the direction of the UK’s post-Brexit trade policy, with environment secretary George Eustice raising concerns about a potential deal with India.
The call centres will help British businesses navigate a sea of new rules set to come in from the start of next year.
While Brexit continues to deliver more empty shelves for consumers, more carnage to our food and fishing sectors and more chaos to the people of Northern Ireland, the eternal sunshine of our international trade secretary’s spotless mind continues to deliver more doses of what seems like good news for faithful Leavers.
The end of the transition period was merely a staging post within a process that will be long with us, says Chris Grey.
India is negotiating a connectivity partnership with the EU which will connect people to people, trade, business, and technology in the coming times, said Sandeep Chakravorty, Joint Secretary (EW), Ministry of External Affairs on Wednesday.
Portugal has said it hopes to resume negotiations on trade and investment between the EU and India at a summit between EU leaders and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Porto on 8 May.
Brussels and Delhi tipped to open talks on free trade agreement within days – while UK admits ‘shared intent to begin work’ only.
Kevin Rudd (former Australian PM) - The idea the U.K. could do a quick FTA with India post #brexit is “the biggest bucket of bollocks” I've heard from the brexiteers so far.
Iter is a collaboration between China, the EU, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the US - all of whom are sharing in the costs of construction.
'It is hard to predict how full Brexit would play out, because this scale of multiple simultaneous renegotiations of global trade agreements is unprecedented – and no country has ever left the EU. It certainly can’t be assumed that Britain is bound to get quick and good deals because it is a large economy.'
'The Brexiters have no more idea in private than they do in public about what they are doing. Predictions based upon their concealed intent project on to them a competence they simply don’t possess.'
Boris Johnson’s government is waging a war of words not against the EU but the British people.
Britain was a traditional obstacle to an agreement, because of immigration and Scotch whisky.
The Brexit vote was driven by false propaganda. Indian media is just as tendentious, with a rabble rousing social media to boot.
The government should ease migration rules for Indians coming to Britain if it wants to secure a post-Brexit trade deal with one of the world’s fastest growing economies, says the Commons foreign affairs committee.
Hostile immigration policies will do untold damage to the UK’s manufacturing industry. It is baffling that the government is willing to implement such a strategy, says Lord Bilimoria.