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With the UK still struggling to iron out the details of a post-Brexit free trade agreement with India, New Delhi has instead clinched a landmark deal with four European nations that it claims will result in $100bn (£78bn) of investment in the country.
Nurses and midwives trained in India outnumbered their Filipino counterparts in the U.K. for the first time this year, as Asian workers fill vacancies in sectors from health care to agriculture seven years after Brexit triggered an exodus of EU citizens, recent figures show.
Figures seen by Sky News show how firms are recruiting outside Europe to secure the skills they need, with India in particular providing staff to fill key vacancies.
British rice milling industry faces wipe-out from part of a trade deal being discussed with India. First proposed by Boris Johnson, it is also predicted to raise consumer food prices and break UK limits on pesticides.
Almost three years after the United Kingdom's formal departure from the European Union, voters are turning sour on the 2016 decision to leave. A recent poll showed that 57% of voters view the departure from the EU as a mistake compared to the 52% who voted for the original Brexit referendum. So what changed?
India supplies the NHS with a quarter of its medicines and changes to pharma monopoly rights and patent laws under leaked plans could see costs spiral.
Britain’s TUC and Indian unions alike have raised concerns about deteriorating work conditions for workers, low pay and exploitation.
The landmark deal to liberalise trade with one of the world’s biggest growing economies is delayed in a blow to the Government’s growth plans.
You can’t restrict immigration without damaging trade deals. / For years the Brexiteers have been in denial about the contradictions inherent to their project. Now they are coming out in the open.
Home Secretary Suella Bravernan’s claim that Indian migrants are the largest group who “overstay” their welcome in the UK could derail Britain’s post-Brexit trade deal with New Delhi. / Indian ministers are said to be furious with her remarks as the agreement is reportedly “on the verge of collapse”.
Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson met Indian leader Narendra Modi in April and set an ambitious target to sign the free trade agreement (FTA) by Diwali later this month. / Recently, Braverman said that she had doubts regarding the deal as it would increase immigration to the UK even as Truss is eager to sign an agreement with India by Diwali, on October 24.
Ministers are rapidly planning an overseas hiring spree to plug critical holes in the NHS and social care sector. / It took less than 24 hours for The Telegraph to pen a column about how the new plan constitutes a “Brexit betrayal”.
Focus on substance rather than Diwali deadline, trade secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan told.
Claim that UK farming at risk if ‘soft’ approach pursued with countries with ‘less qualms’ about quality.
International Agreements Committee warns of dangers of ‘arbitary’ Diwali deadline. / The government's rushed negotiating strategy for getting a Brexit free trade agreement (FTA) with India risks a bad deal, a parliamentary committee has warned.
MiCA law contains measures to guard against market abuse and manipulation.
Jacob Rees-Mogg has issued a plea to readers of a tabloid newspaper to write to him if they can identify any possible benefits of Brexit.
A speech made by David Lammy in 2019 has cropped up again on the back of Brexiteer outrage over visa controls.
Ruptures have once again emerged across government over the direction of the UK’s post-Brexit trade policy, with environment secretary George Eustice raising concerns about a potential deal with India.
The call centres will help British businesses navigate a sea of new rules set to come in from the start of next year.
While Brexit continues to deliver more empty shelves for consumers, more carnage to our food and fishing sectors and more chaos to the people of Northern Ireland, the eternal sunshine of our international trade secretary’s spotless mind continues to deliver more doses of what seems like good news for faithful Leavers.
The end of the transition period was merely a staging post within a process that will be long with us, says Chris Grey.