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When the UK officially left the EU in early 2020, no transition had been agreed for the edible insects industry and, while traders in Europe were able to continue, UK traders were not.
Edible insects have been touted as a climate change friendly source of protein for the future, but UK traders are facing difficulties.
“We culled all our insects six months ago, and just kept a few for our own consumption.”
The Food Standards Agency has warned meat and poultry producers that a shortage of vets could impact their ability to operate in the run-up to the busy festive season.
A small business which cooks up crickets and mealworms into burgers and biscuits has been forced to cease trading after new Brexit rules have deemed the practice 'illegal' in the UK.
Can someone tell the government Brexit has already happened? / The government has only now asked the Food Standards Agency to plan how it is going to protect public health and safety after Brexit – almost six months after the transition period for leaving the EU ended.
Industry laments a missed opportunity to put Britain at the forefront of a growing movement towards alternative protein.
Watchdog to finally get teeth to block chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef imports
The cost to protect the UK market from cheap and illegal food imports has soared by 1000 per cent since 2015 as part of Government preparations for Brexit.
NAO says no evidence of strategic thinking about funding needed for food safety