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The sort of minimal deal he is after would be a disaster for an industry that relies on frictionless trade.
A fishing dispute between Guernsey and France occurred because the UK failed to inform of Brexit-related changes in time, a senior politician claimed.
This small sector has been promised benefits that will not materialise.
The industry may become one of the starkest examples no-deal folly, with those dependent on EU markets facing devastation.
JERSEY’S historic oyster-growing industry could be decimated by Brexit, a third-generation shellfish farmer has said.
A mussel fishing and farming company in North Wales fears that it and other firms that export live mussels and other bivalve shellfish to the EU will be put out of business by Brexit, reports Tim Oliver
Many of Wales' fishermen will "not survive" a Brexit no deal, it has been claimed. The vast majority catch shellfish, exporting them live to the continent or further afield via EU trade deals.