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Rejecting expertise and skill in favour of loyalty was always going to lead to this.
Red tape continues to frustrate small businesses as the hunt for the sunlit uplands goes on.
'However, Britain’s current political and economic prospects look grim. To say this is not to be unreasonably pessimistic, but simply to face facts.'
Populism over sense 23/08/2022
Britain first backed Brexit in a populist vote — albeit narrowly — a foolish move taking a slice of Britain’s economic strength. / Empty words and false and exaggerated claims combined with a dose of nationalism to tip the balance.
Maybe it’s time for the next Prime Minister to admit that immigration is not just essential, it’s desirable.
Tory frontunner will be ‘empty chaired’ by NFU – as enviornment secretary reveals ‘tensions’ with Truss.
Britons must look at themselves calmly and honestly, recognizing the tough times that lie ahead and the changes needed to get the country back on track. Unfortunately, the country's political leaders remain unwilling to treat voters like grown-ups.
Scotland’s salmon farmers have written to Conservative Party leadership contenders Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak ahead of tomorrow’s Perth hustings to highlight government action needed to support growth of the sector.
As small businesses crumble, shelves get emptier and the care-worker shortage intensifies, life outside the EU is having a dire effect on many of us. Why aren’t politicians talking about it?
There's one thing that the two candidates locked in a bad-tempered battle to be Britain's next prime minister agree on: Brexit is nothing to do with any of the woes facing the UK right now. / The inconvenient truth, as the head of the port of Dover has confirmed, is that Brexit has indeed contributed to the chaos.
Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak feel bound to talk lower spending to party members, but the former chancellor at least must see the folly of losing billions off our GDP.
Ahead of another vote in the Tory leadership race, former chancellor Rishi Sunak pledges to get rid of those pesky EU regulations and unleash Britain’s potential. Where have we heard that before?
"Imagine the shock for the former chancellor when he finds out Freeports are allowed in the European Union - about eighty of them are based in EU countries."
The Tory leadership contender tried to get back on the front foot, saying he'd task a new Brexit department to review 2,400 laws and come up with initial recommendations for "each" of them in 100 days.
New polling finds former chancellor is the overwhelming choice of voters in seats Conservatives must retain to keep a grip on power.
No Conservative will dare admit the searingly obvious: Brexit is proving a catastrophe for Britain.
NICOLA Sturgeon has suggested that there may be “room for discussions” with leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak after it emerged that he backed holding indyref2 after Brexit.
Insurance regulator says post-Brexit softening of rules will put billions of pounds of pension saving at risk.
EU withdrawal fuelling higher import costs and costing British workers nearly £500 a year, says Resolution Foundation.
Former business secretary Sir Vince Cable and nearly 60 economists have warned new policies have echoes of those that contributed to the 2008 crash.
London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered ministers to slash one in five public service jobs to free up billions for tax cuts.
Senior Tory Simon Hoare tells i that ripping up Brexit deal in a cost of living crisis would not be ‘grown-up statecraft’.
The International Monetary Fund ruffled feathers across the Irish Sea with its new forecast for the UK economy this week, now expecting GDP growth to slow to a paltry 1.2pc in 2023, by far the slowest amongst the G7 economies.
It has been revealed that the government is considering a fourth delay to the introduction of post-Brexit import checks amid fear of their impact on the supply chain and the cost of living crisis.