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After holding off some formidable competition, Michelle Mone has claimed the coveted title of The New European’s Liar of the Year for 2023.
Lee Anderson has yet again invited widespread mockery after saying he would move to a remote Scottish island – and the internet was happy to oblige. / The Tory deputy chair claimed he would move to Orkney if the UK ever votes to reverse Brexit, in an apparent attempt to show that it was a suitable location to send migrants.
Richard Tice responds to claims by Conservative deputy chair Lee Anderson that he was offered ‘a lot of money’ to switch.
Party denies allegation but claims it has had discussions with Tory MPs, ministers and former ministers ‘furious’ with the ‘complete betrayal of the government’s promises’.
Anthony Robinson presents a panoramic view of the current travails defining a post-Brexit nation.
The drumbeats get louder as the call of the wild pulses through the blood of the Conservative party again. The front page of the Telegraph on Thursday splashes, “Cabinet call on PM to ditch ECHR”. On their headcount, a third of the British cabinet want to join Russia and Belarus as pariah states outside the European convention on human rights.
The hard-Brexit lobbying group, which produces research paid for by taxpayer-funded expenses, appears to be losing support.
“You know what these Tories are like. They don’t want protests which is why they are stripping away our rights."
A Conservative MP got into a tense fight with an anti-Brexit campaigner, and repeatedly called him a "tramp".
Is Brexit going well? The same media outlets that blurted deafening pro-Leave messages have become eerily quiet of late.
“This is one of the many benefits of Brexit. The first pint I have with the crown on will taste much better," Lee Anderson said.
Conservative MP Lee Anderson has been filmed in a heated exchange with Steve Bray, known as the ‘Stop Brexit’ man for his vocal protests outside Parliament.