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Boris Johnson thinks he’s got a deal. Arlene Foster isn’t so sure. Nobody knows what’s in the deal – but some of the ERG think it’ll pass the Commons anyway. The Remainiacs team gather to work out what we know, what we don’t know… and what we think will be put before Parliament on Saturday.
A Tory MP was irked during an interview with BBC News this morning after being interrupted by anti-Brexit campaigners.
Trade minister rejected Boris Johnson’s claim exporters would be spared tariffs after no deal
Boris Johnson has said he would refuse to pay the promised £39bn to the EU unless it offers better terms on Brexit.
As Theresa May bows to the inevitable and asks for a short delay to Brexit, we ask what it’ll mean when a merciful EU insists on rather a longer one. Do the hard Brexit headbangers have what it takes to bring her down or are the ERG now fatally split? Were the Lab-Con talks just about optics? What is “perfidious Albion” anyway? ...
Former Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston has told The Independent she is too afraid to advertise meetings in public because of death threats and abuse – and said some of her former Tory colleagues are to blame for encouraging a culture of violent hostility towards politicians.
This subset of Brexit ultras is revelling in their moment in the spotlight to deploy metaphors of war and martyrdom.
A former Brexit minister and leading Conservative MP has been accused of pushing a "far-right" anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about the spread of "cultural Marxism" in the UK.
'I've spoken to ambassadors from various countries and there is no hope of us getting a veto to stop an extension'
[Theresa May] has allowed hardliners in the ERG group to hijack the government and hijack the country." Labour's Yvette Cooper says that "instead of reaching out", Theresa May has allowed Conservative Eurosceptics to set the Brexit agenda.
Verdict from QC advising hardline Conservatives on Irish backstop would sink prime minister's deal in next week's 'meaningful vote' - if followed.
Terrifying ignorance by the ERG’s @ABridgen, saying UK can get ten years on zero tariffs to agree an FTA by “instigating GATT24”, being told by @NickBoles the WTO have already ruled out that option...
Eight Labour MPs including Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna quit Labour over anti-semitism and Corbyn’s intransigence over Brexit. Then three Tory women – Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry and Sarah Woollaston – resign from the party they now say is irrevocably dominated by the hard Right and its ERG extremists. What can the Independent Group achieve and what must they do to achieve it?
Both main parties are being ‘manipulated by fringe opinion’ says former prime minister as he condemns ‘extreme’ Tory MPs’ ‘intransigence’.
Richard Harrington also dismisses the so-called Malthouse compromise, which is intended to bridge Tory divisions.
Shanker Singham’s Competere offers advice on opportunities arising from Brexit.
In which your hosts mock the ERG. We talk about the European Research Group and its unpublished policy proposals which, apparently, have significant flaws and, so we hear, may be widely mocked. Keep listening for an Easter Egg including a contribution from a very special guest.
Emails released by the parliamentary standards watchdog show the European Research Group has a second bank account. / A group of hardline Brexiteers, led by Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, has been questioned by a parliamentary watchdog over funding concerns as it emerged the group had a second bank account.
Senior MPs including Liam Fox, Andrea Leadsom and Jacob Rees-Mogg have used their expenses to fund a 'party within a party'. / Despite expenses rules stating that MPs cannot claim for research or work “done for, or on behalf of, a political party”, the European Research Group has received over a quarter of a million pounds from MPs who claimed the public cash through their official expenses.
Theresa May has been accused of failing to be honest with the public about Brexit by the UK’s former ambassador to the European Union, who warned that “fantasies and delusions on all sides” risk plunging the UK into a democratic crisis.
Chris pops back with special guest host Nick Crosby to discuss another bonkers week in Brexit.