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A former British diplomat, who was Boris Johnson's Brexit counsellor in Washington, has spoken of her dismay and anger at his administration’s attitude to the Irish border question when he became Prime Minister in July 2019.
Ex-adviser to PM says flawed Brexit deal was way to ‘whack Corbyn’ and ‘of course’ government can break it.
The six months since the end of the transition period have largely been a ‘tale of woe’ for Britain’s fishing industry, says National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisation
Northern Ireland’s first minister has paid the price for believing the promises of the hard Brexiteers.
Trade has plummeted and red tape has blocked our borders. Is that what ‘protecting our sovereignty’ meant?
Eurosceptic backbenchers disavowed a key part of Boris Johnson's Brexit deal - which they backed - aimed at preventing a hard border on the island of Ireland.
The damaging economic fallout from Boris Johnson’s EU divorce deal has provoked unrest in the Leave camp, with hardline Tory Brexiteers calling on the prime minister to tear up arrangements for Northern Ireland which he negotiated and they backed in parliament.
The European Research Group says the Northern Ireland protocol "has to go" but Labour insists: "This was the deal they demanded".
Government ignored legal advice over proposed withdrawal agreement changes.
The Northern Ireland secretary admitted that the Government was intending to break international law - specifically the EU Withdrawal Agreement, which sets out how Britain and the EU would agree new rules on trade between Britain and Northern Ireland.
Bernard Jenkin says MPs only voted for bill because Johnson promised it could be rejected.
There are good reasons to believe latest move is partly theatre, but there are hefty issues at stake.
Organisation which drove UK to a hard Brexit made up of ‘climate change deniers’ and ‘Trump sympathisers’, new book is told.
Senior Brexiteers endorsed the Prime Minister’s deal but some have now turned against it and want to see it replaced.
Michel Barnier has schooled Brexiteer MP Mark Francois on the Withdrawal Agreement that he and his European Research Group (ERG) colleagues voted for, and told him that him there was no “added value” in leaving the EU.
This week, the practical realities of what Brexit is going to mean came into central focus for perhaps the first time, with a new government information campaign.
In the debate over Brexit, accusations of an anti-Brexit or pro-Brexit bias by the media have been a recurring feature.
The most important Brexit event of the week came and went with relatively little fanfare, yet it marks a significant moment.
The leader of the right-wing Tory pressure group the European Research Group (ERG) has stepped down.
Boris Johnson thinks he’s got a deal. Arlene Foster isn’t so sure. Nobody knows what’s in the deal – but some of the ERG think it’ll pass the Commons anyway. The Remainiacs team gather to work out what we know, what we don’t know… and what we think will be put before Parliament on Saturday.
A Tory MP was irked during an interview with BBC News this morning after being interrupted by anti-Brexit campaigners.
Trade minister rejected Boris Johnson’s claim exporters would be spared tariffs after no deal