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The Tory Party has been taken over by cynics and fantasists, says former Telegraph editor Max Hastings – which is why he has decided to vote Labour.
We didn’t know the facts about the EU before voting to leave. We need to learn before considering to re-join.
A conspiratorial group of extreme Brexit lobbyists mounted an extraordinary campaign against one of the world’s most prestigious science journals – part of a series of joint investigations between Byline Times and Computer Weekly.
Anthony Robinson presents a panoramic view of the current travails defining a post-Brexit nation.
The assistant comment editor said the Tories have made such a hash of the project it is "probably unsalvageable".
Faced with opposition from the House of Lords, the government backtracks on plans for the biggest ever change to our laws. So, what now? / Few things illustrate the absurdity and irresponsibility of Brexit better than the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill (REUL).
The UK’s most-read national newspaper titles have shown a strong bias favouring Brexit, Press Gazette analysis of the final month of campaigning shows.
Tory peer schools Richard Tice and Isabel Oakeshot on Talk TV with the help of some newspaper cuttings.
The Brexit-backing media has turned on the split with the EU, culminating in this entertaining exchange between Heseltine and Tice.
Brexit is an existential threat to Conservatism. When it fails, the party will need to ask itself some searching questions.
Just days before unveiling long-awaited proposals for the EU's budget until 2020, the European Commission has published a collection of facts on how Europe is financed, in a move apparently aimed at countering stereotypes conveyed by the Eurosceptic British press that it is over-sized and unaccountable.
Sherelle Jacobs told Telegraph readers that Brexit's days are numbered and the Conservatives cannot survive such an ignominious outcome.
‘The project is probably now unsalvageable’, says former PM’s old employer. / The Conservatives have made such a “hash” of Brexit that the project is probably “unsalvageable”, according to Boris Johnson’s favourite newspaper.
Even voices on the Right acknowledge this fact, says Paul Vallely. / THERE have been so many U-turns recently that you might be forgiven for having missed this one. The Daily Telegraph ran a piece at the weekend headlined: “Project Fear was right all along.”
If any further proof was needed that Brexit has been a catastrophe for all sections of our divided society, it was supplied by the axing of the key Aer Lingus route between Belfast City Airport and Heathrow in London.
After years of denying the downsides of Britain’s split from the European Union, the Brexit taboo is starting to lift in the governing Conservative Party and the country’s right-wing press.
Today Liz Truss poured cold water on a potential deal, saying she doesn't foresee any negotiations taking place any time soon.
Ministers are rapidly planning an overseas hiring spree to plug critical holes in the NHS and social care sector. / It took less than 24 hours for The Telegraph to pen a column about how the new plan constitutes a “Brexit betrayal”.
Boris Johnson’s Trumpian remarks on the “deep state” will almost certainly have a destructive effect on British democracy.
When the most anti-EU newspapers are pointing to the policy’s inevitable failures, it’s time our government admitted the truth.
There is an air of desperation in attacks from those on the right and their supporters in the press. They fear if Johnson falls, the Brexit deception will crumble too.
As a correspondent, the likely future PM produced exaggerated tales that were lapped up at home.
As crises mount, the polls show voters turning at last. But the national newspapers that backed Leave – even the two now edited by Remainers – continue to pretend there is nothing wrong.
Is Brexit going well? The same media outlets that blurted deafening pro-Leave messages have become eerily quiet of late.
The London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster reflects on Britain’s government.