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The Labour leader has been warned he risks tying his party to the continuing damage of a Brexit process that isn't working.
Labour accuses government of ‘litany of lies and falsehoods’ as calls for corrections are ignored.
After Rishi Sunak’s spring statement, the party can no longer rely on the economy to bolster support, so old battle lines are being redrawn.
An island nation must trade with its nearest mainland, whatever our new Brexit opportunities minister claims.
Michael Gold makes the case for membership of the European Economic Area, Simon Price outlines our slow economic decline after leaving the EU, and Dr David Mathieson urges Labour to rethink its policy.
Johnson is at the mercy of his cabinet. The trouble is, as Leavers, none of them will face up to our post-EU crisis either
The Tory peer thinks public "anger" could trigger another vote on the UK's membership in the EU.
The Opposition leader tried to win over firms after Boris Johnson's "rambling" Peppa Pig speech to the CBI conference was panned.
There is growing speculation the PM could soon trigger Article 16 as ongoing talks between the EU and UK continue to fail to resolve problems such as the "sausage war". But Boris Johnson is being given fresh warnings about the impact of such action.
Boris Johnson has been accused of deliberately picking fights on Brexit with the European Union to distract from domestic scandals.
‘He’s a showman with nothing left to show ... once he had said the words ‘Get Brexit Done’ his plan ran out’.
ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston questions Keir Starmer about the fuel crisis and asks how big a role Brexit has played in the chaos seen at forecourts across the country
Labour should promise to fix the "mess" caused by Brexit at the next general election, a former minister has said. / Hilary Benn said people "can see what is happening in front of their eyes" and it was time argue for "a new relationship with the EU".
PM opens debate in parliament, with vote after 4pm expected to be tight. / The government is also under pressure from a group of philanthropists, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, who said over the weekend that they would provide £93.5m emergency funding to cover some of the UK aid cuts.
British lawmakers are voting on whether to overturn a big cut to the U.K.'s foreign aid budget.
Labour leader accuses British prime minister of ‘reckless’ approach to peace process.
Prime minister not being ‘straight’ about consequences of his Brexit protocol, says Labour leader.
Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis says a “small, very vulnerable” Jewish community is under threat permanent fix can be found to so-called “sausage war”.
Labour activists call on leader to intervene as deadline to apply for settled status looms.
The prime minister wants to keep the issue that won him the last election alive until the next one, and so misrepresents Keir Starmer’s position as wanting to take the UK back into the EU.
Another Europe Is Possible says Labour must continue to hold Boris Johnson to account on Britain's withdrawal from bloc.
So far, in the first two months of Brexit, the following industries have indicated that they have been harmed: Aerospace; Airlines; Architecture; Art and Antiques; Beer; Bees; Cattle and horse breeding; Charities; Cheese; Chemicals; Cars; Classic Cars; Construction; Cosmetics and Perfume; e-Commerce; Fabrics; Fashion; Ferry services; Film and TV production; Financial Services; ...
Sir Keir Starmer has told an LBC listener whose small business has been hit hard by Brexit that he will raise her problem with the Government.
Labour leader Keir Starmer has been encouraged to support making changes to the Brexit deal agreed with the EU to develop a closer working relationship with member states.
Amid political quagmire, Starmer must kill false narrative about EU intransigence.