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Dispute over Northern Ireland protocol puts associate membership of Horizon Europe scheme in doubt.
Scientific collaboration has become a casualty of Switzerland’s and the United Kingdom’s tussles with the European Union.
Hundreds of researchers and organisations across Europe have called for the rapid association of the UK and Switzerland to Horizon Europe.
UK minister for science and research George Freeman has admitted that vital EU funding for research is in limbo while the nation continues to negotiate Brexit sticking points, namely Northern Ireland and fishing rights.
Up to 20% of Queens University's research funding is at risk due to a row between the EU and UK.
There are a number of measures that the UK Government must take in order to address the challenges of leaving the EU's single market.
Scientific leaders have urged the government not to abandon talks to enable the UK to participate in a €100bn European research programme.
RESEARCH experts and charities working with people with serious and often terminal illnesses have said that delays to research and clinical trials from Brexit could mean the difference between "life or death" for patients.
Tens of millions of pounds will be spent on rescuing UK science and medical research projects at risk from a damaging post-Brexit dispute with the EU.
UK scientists are likely to be "frozen out" of EU research programmes because of delays in Brexit negotiations, according to MPs.
‘With each passing day opportunities are missed,’ says Brexit-backing chair of select committee.
This week is five years since the vote to leave the European Union. New analysis from Scientists for EU shows that since then UK grants on the Horizon programme have steadily plummeted.
Dr Mike Galsworthy said: "Brexit uncertainty over five years has knocked the UK’s position down several rungs and blown a huge hole in our funds and networks."
UK legally agreed to pay £15bn to stay in Horizon Europe project - but only £1bn has been found.
Cornwall Council has started the process of closing down its Brussels office in response to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.
A NEW Scottish Government fund aims to “reinvigorate and repair” research links with Europe following Brexit.
Labour leader Keir Starmer has been encouraged to support making changes to the Brexit deal agreed with the EU to develop a closer working relationship with member states.
The UK’s science community is urging the prime minister, Boris Johnson, to match funding to rhetoric, as arguments continue over where the budget for the UK’s association to the EU’s Horizon Europe research programme will come from.
The EU Services Sub-Committee has today published its report, Beyond Brexit: trade in services, which examines the future UK-EU relationship on trade in services.
At the end of long and intense negotiations, this briefing aims to bring clarity to the new relationship and how universities in the European Union and the United Kingdom can continue to cooperate.
UK contribution of €2B per annum to Horizon Europe smooths the way, but researchers are concerned visas, data transfer and assorted red tape will cause friction, a Science|Business conference hears
Venki Ramakrishnan says Horizon programme is vital to ensuring UK retains influence.
In the words of another current cliché, UK science is already ‘world-beating’. But researchers are concerned that ministers’ plans may put that status in jeopardy as MARTIN MCQUILLAN reports.
Nobel scientists warn Britain will lose ‘superpower’ status if access barred to €100bn EU fund