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The British seasonnaire – a fixture of the European holiday scene from the mountains to the seas – is under threat. And it’s more than just a tragedy for perky young Brits looking to combine a lengthy holiday with a bit of paid work. It’s battering British firms which used to rely on UK staff to provide a home away from home for their guests.
Skiworld – the UK’s largest independent ski tour operator – has pulled out of much of its operation in Austria as a result of post-Brexit red tape, City A.M. has learnt. / “Austria is a nightmare. Thirty years of building up a programme of accommodation in Austria has pretty much been completely wiped,” Diane Palumbo.
Ineos Automotive Ltd., owned by chemicals tycoon and Brexit-backing billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, said it would build its electric 4x4 at a factory in Graz, Austria.
New Austrian airline to serve Europe as DHL Air UK to receive 777Fs for intercontinental ops.
None of the EU27 have expressed support, but not all have actually shared their opinions on the new proposals.
Politicians from mainstream parties across Europe have called on voters to shun the far right in this week’s European elections after Austria’s vice-chancellor resigned over a video sting that showed him offering public contracts in exchange for financial and campaign backing.
A leaked EU document lays bare for the first time the differences in how British nationals will be treated by the bloc’s member states after a no-deal Brexit, with two countries emphasising that requests to stay could be rejected on public order and security grounds.
Viktor Orban said he wanted to see an anti-immigration majority in the EU institutions and that he would team up with countries like Italy and Poland to change the bloc’s direction.