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Frustrated charity bosses say post-Brexit customs red tape at Dover has held up the transportation of aid shipments to Ukraine.
This government is hammering away at the foundations of a free society. Look to Warsaw to see where that can lead.
Thanks to Brexit, France has become the third-largest market for goods from Poland, after Germany and the Czech Republic, said the Polish Economic Institute (PIE). Analysts pointed out that Great Britain's exit from the EU single market resulted in a decrease in its share in Polish exports.
As British people walk among empty supermarket shelves, they could be forgiven for being concerned about Christmas. When the government deploys the army and desperately tries to import thousands of foreign temporary workers, the promised post-Brexit “sunlit uplands” seem rather distant. The most acute shortage is that of lorry drivers.
Many Brits will be forced to go without a Christmas turkey this year because of Brexit labour shortages, MPs were told this afternoon.
Poland's Prime Minister categorically rejects the idea that Poland may be heading towards leaving the European Union.
The leader of Poland's ruling party has stated there will be no "Polexit" and that the country's future is in the European Union.
A survey published last month claimed 91% of Poles questioned supported being in the bloc, with 85% believing it has boosted the economy.
More than 100,000 Poles demonstrated on Sunday in support of European Union membership after a court ruling that parts of EU law are incompatible with the constitution raised concerns the country could eventually leave the bloc.
This lorry driver tells James O'Brien that no European HGV operator would take up the UK's offer of a 3-month visa to save Christmas.
The London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster reflects on Britain’s government.
Instead of protecting the natural world, the proposed Office for Environmental Protection ‘could undermine the rule of law’, and lead to worse damage than under EU, lawyers say
European Union students starting a degree in the UK this year will be expected to pay high fees, and as a direct result applications from the EU have fallen by 40 per cent. What does this mean for the exchange of students between the UK and emerging Europe?
The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union and the European Single Market has come at a price. The Polish Economic Institute (PIE) calculated that Poland’s trade in goods with the UK in the first quarter of 2021 was EUR 840 million less than the same period in 2020.
On April 14, 2021, the Warsaw Institute, together with The Warsaw Institute Review quarterly, had the honor of hosting another online event – the Diplomacy Talks Series. The title of the discussion, moderated by the president of the Warsaw Institute, Tomasz Kijewski, was “BREXIT and its importance for Europe and the Polish diaspora in Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.
France, Germany and Poland say they will refuse to allow extradition of their nationals.
Ten EU member states have said they will no longer extradite their nationals to the UK following Brexit, the Home Office has said.
France, Germany and Poland among countries who will not send their own nationals to Britain
Emmanuel Macron is urging the negotiators not to compromise while Angela Merkel is anxious that talks are not derailed.
Qualified majority vote by states will be sufficient for removal of voting rights.
None of the EU27 have expressed support, but not all have actually shared their opinions on the new proposals.
Arkady Rzegocki insisted Polish citizens can now make a good living in their home country and don't need to live in Britain.
Policy comes as incoming president seeks to tackle claims she would be beholden to Poland and Hungary
The Treaty of Versailles established arrangements to prevent a hard border between Germany and Poland in Silesia. It failed, becoming a flashpoint in the relationship between the two countries. Even a permanent backstop is a poorer guarantor of peace in Northern Ireland than remaining in the EU. (Thea Don-Siemion)