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Hungary will sign a trade and development deal between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific states after it was promised amendments it sought, the Central European country's foreign minister Peter Szijjarto said on Wednesday.
Six years post-Brexit, Britain remains haunted by the EU in a neurosis that is not reciprocated in Brussels or other capitals.
The London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster reflects on Britain’s government.
This week, Orban pulled his Fidesz party from the biggest political group in the European Parliament, the European People's Party (EPP), avoiding an all-but-certain expulsion after changes to its internal rules.
Qualified majority vote by states will be sufficient for removal of voting rights.
Intervention comes soon after Johnson aide calls for 'special relationship' with Hungarian government
None of the EU27 have expressed support, but not all have actually shared their opinions on the new proposals.
“He’s a little bit of an opportunistic person.”
Foreign minister says country will not seek to have casting vote.
The European Commission has taken Hungary to court over a controversial new law that makes it illegal to give assistance to asylum seekers.
Policy comes as incoming president seeks to tackle claims she would be beholden to Poland and Hungary
The ruling from Europe’s highest court, released on Monday, is a blow to Poland’s nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) government, which has drastically increased control over the judiciary in recent years.
The plan has brought some Tory unity, but Brussels believes it is unworkable.
Viktor Orban said he wanted to see an anti-immigration majority in the EU institutions and that he would team up with countries like Italy and Poland to change the bloc’s direction.