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The proportion of Brits who say Brexit was a mistake has hit a record high, a survey from pollsters YouGov shows. / With few economic benefits to show for the June 2016 vote to leave the European Union, 57 per cent of Brits said the decision to leave the European Union in 2016 was the wrong one, compared with 32 per cent who thought it was correct.
East Midlands airport has been accused of causing sewage fungus in the River Trent with pollution up to 32 times worse than raw sewage. The Environment Agency is investigating.
A new report from Public Health Wales has detailed how attention is urgently needed to understand the impacts of Brexit on illicit trade in Wales to mitigate potential health harms and deaths linked to illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
Jeremy Hunt’s budget shows that leaving the EU is only paying off in a parallel universe.
Organised crime gangs are preparing to exploit the eight freeports that are being opened across England as part of the Government’s ‘levelling up’ strategy, experts have warned.
The director general of the National Trust said that investment zones ‘represent a free-for-all for nature and heritage’.
"Imagine the shock for the former chancellor when he finds out Freeports are allowed in the European Union - about eighty of them are based in EU countries."
To celebrate, the government has published a dossier titled “Benefits of Brexit: how the UK is taking advantage of leaving the EU”. / But four of these alleged benefits aren’t a result of the UK’s departure.
The Chancellor and Prime Minister need a plan to counter figures showing lower growth after the hit to EU trade.
A new EU directive is allowing member states to remove the charge for ‘supply and installation of solar panels’.
800 crew members have been replaced by “cheap agency workers from eastern Europe” overnight.
Lib Dems want public register to stop freeports becoming ‘hotbeds’ for illicit finance.
The Lib Dems have urged Boris Johnson’s government to close a loophole which peers fear would let illegal cash from Russia and other parts of the world into the UK.
Finally – a Visa-free aspect to Brexit. At least that’s what the deluded Dominic Raab is likely to tell you...
The government and its supporters are beginning to claim 'benefits' of being outside the European Union some of which were always available to EU member states or, in other cases, are not benefits at all.
Chancellor’s flagship policy will ‘alter the location rather than the volume of economic activity’, Office for Budget Responsibility concludes
Gove declined to point out that the EU is currently home to around 80 freeports.
Not for the first time, the prime minister delivered a major speech that was economical with the truth.
Joyce Watson, Labour regional Senedd Member for Mid and West Wales, recently asked what Wales was doing to protect its ports at the Welsh Parliament.
Boris Johnson claimed at Prime Minister’s Questions that Brexit “has given us the freedom to establish eight freeports across the country”. / And the IfG makes clear: “the UK could create freeports as a member of the EU”.
Companies in freeports in Britain will not get to enjoy the full benefits of the new tax-efficient zones if they are exporting to certain countries including Canada, Norway, Switzerland and Singapore, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing government officials.
Manufacturers based in Boris Johnson’s new freeports will not be able to enjoy the full benefits if they are exporting to a series of countries with which the UK has signed post-Brexit trade deals.
[This post will] provide a detailed analysis of an article written by David (now Lord) Frost in this week’s Sunday Telegraph.