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Government accused of ‘failure and broken promises’, as exports set to slump next year.
‘The project is probably now unsalvageable’, says former PM’s old employer. / The Conservatives have made such a “hash” of Brexit that the project is probably “unsalvageable”, according to Boris Johnson’s favourite newspaper.
'UTTER CAR CRASH by Andrew Bowie. Doesn't accept Brexit has hurt exports / Promises to grow EU trade, but can't say how / Promises simplified processes, but can't say how / Thinks he can negotiate customs with EU members state-by-state.'
SCOTTISH Conservative MP Andrew Bowie has been called out for a “car crash” BBC interview which saw him stumble over Brexit and trade – despite his position as a trade minister. / Bowie seemed to suggest that the UK Government was trying to negotiate trade deals with individual member states of the European Union – something which is not possible under the bloc’s rules.
A former Tory minister has admitted a Brexit deal he backed at the time is "not actually a very good deal" and people are fuming.
LEVELLING up secretary Michael Gove has been caught out sharing misleading trade figures, according to a fact-checking organisation.
ALISTER Jack’s claim that the Scottish Border is “little more than a sign” indicates he needs to read up on the history of the country he represents, according to a leading historian.
Alastair Campbell hit out at the West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine MP over his views on the shortages.
ANDREW Bowie has been chastised by Alastair Campbell over his denial that Brexit is to blame for supermarket and labour shortages.
A Conservative MP has warned people under 30 they will not “reap the benefits” of Brexit.