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The Public Accounts Committee warned of "trade-offs" across "agriculture, the environment and human rights”.
Scathing report by Public Accounts Committee criticises government’s approach.
A NEW report has shown that the UK government’s prospective Free Trade Agreements are projected to only add between 0% and 0.16% to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product, up to fifteen years after their implementation.
All trade deals combined worth less than 50p per person a year, analysis of government figures shows.
A survey found that 67% felt the public receives too little information from ministers about trade deals. / More than two-thirds of the UK public feel “left in the dark” about the impact that post-Brexit trade deals struck by the Government will have.
A CAMPAIGN group backing independence in Western Sahara is to take the UK Government to court over a post-Brexit trade agreement with Morocco.
Liz Truss insists ‘British farmers have absolutely nothing to fear from this deal at all’
So far, in the first two months of Brexit, the following industries have indicated that they have been harmed: Aerospace; Airlines; Architecture; Art and Antiques; Beer; Bees; Cattle and horse breeding; Charities; Cheese; Chemicals; Cars; Classic Cars; Construction; Cosmetics and Perfume; e-Commerce; Fabrics; Fashion; Ferry services; Film and TV production; Financial Services; ...
Liz Truss has been accused of refusing to answer questions about post-Brexit trade with Europe at the despatch box.
Liz Truss is refusing to answer questions about the cross-Channel trading crisis sparked by Brexit, says a stinging attack by six opposition parties.
Liz Truss has told six MPs she will not answer their questions in Parliament next week because they want to ask about the problems facing British exporters trading with Europe. I’ve led a cross-party group to tell Liz that sticking her head in the sand is just not good enough.
UK firms that export to the EU say they are being encouraged by the government to set up subsidiaries in the bloc to avoid disruption under new trade rules.
Exporters advised by Department for International Trade officials to form EU-based companies to circumvent border issues.
Taxes cut on birds’ eggs, raw hides, fur skins and ultra-strong spirits – but UK does not export them anyway.
Labour expresses concern as government defeats efforts to enshrine food safety and animal welfare standards in UK law
These estimated benefits are relative to 2018 when the UK (as part of the EU) had no FTA with Japan.
Rishi Sunak accidentally votes against government, but ministers see off attempt to uphold food standards in post-Brexit trade deals.
Official document puts likely benefits of free trade agreement with Donald Trump at below 0.2 per cent of GDP – and possibly as little as 0.02 per cent.
Admission lays bare limited benefits of ‘ambitious’ agreement with Donald Trump.
‘If the government thought it had a very strong case they would publish these studies ... it’s an indication that there’s nothing there’
‘This is clearly an attempt to make it harder for the public and parliament to ensure protections are not traded away’
As Britain prepares to carry out its own trade negotiations for the first time in decades, the government has launched a scheme to recruit and train school-leavers as future commerce experts.
Trade experts have welcomed the announcement that the UK and South Korea have signed an in principle post-Brexit trade deal. / However they have warned there is still work to be done to ensure international business continues seamlessly after Brexit, with only 12 of the 40 EU free trade agreements (FTAs) secured for the UK so far.
Creation of body to protect UK firms from unfair global trade practices is behind schedule.