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Cost of labour in Britain up by 30% since referendum, double rise in some EU countries, research finds.
With its economy in tatters, England is not having its finest hour. It is a time of transition for the United Kingdom... /
Some steel exports from Great Britain to Northern Ireland are facing a 25% tariff because of changes to EU rules.
Boris Johnson warned against ‘protectionism’ and violation of WTO rules.
Biden is just "not interested", the paper reports, with one trade expert saying the EU is more aligned with his priorities.
The Biden administration said the move is part of a push to 'rebuild our relationships with our allies and partners around the world' after Trump's exit.
The Vote Leave figurehead called on staff in the industry to back quitting the EU so power costs could be cut - and the Prime Minister is now under pressure to act.
Continuing the letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg, reminding him – he seems to need reminding – of the many new opportunities created by Brexit.
Unite's national officer for steel said the government needed to explain why the EU had a deal but the UK did not.
UK steel companies have been operating at a significant disadvantage compared to their European rivals since the beginning of 2022.
Wrong to ‘conflate’ issues, Boris Johnson’s spokesman insists – after US official said talks were on hold because of Article 16 fears.
The United States will delay its deal to remove tariffs on UK steel and aluminum because of concerns about post-Brexit trade rules affecting Northern Ireland, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.
There are supply issues with medical devices, fuel and food costs.
'Hang on we were told the UK was first in line for a trade deal,' wrote one Twitter user.
Fears are growing of Christmas chaos for British businesses and consumers after industry warned of factory shutdowns within weeks as fuel prices spiral upwards.
The UK government has made a last-ditch decision to overrule its official post-Brexit trade advisers to extend protections on certain steel products.
On trade, finance, migration, food standards and more, the UK suffers fresh ignominy on a daily basis.
A government body has recommended that protections inherited from the EU to protect UK steel producers are ended.
Sector faces glut of cheap imports because of recommendation that EU protections should not be renewed.
Brussels ready to slap tariffs and quotas on UK exports – and even to ‘suspend cooperation in certain sectors’
Brompton is facing a host of problems from material shortages to rising production costs as the fallout from Brexit and Covid continues to impact UK manufacturers.
The trade body UK Steel shared the figures with the Mirror amid growing concerns about the consequences of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with Brussels.
Some steel products could face post-Brexit taxes within months, the sector has warned.
The British economy is beginning to understand what it is to be tipped over the cliff edge. Cries of alarm and distress flares are going up across the length and breadth of the country, and from industries as diverse as fishing and finance and from pigs to paint.