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Police raid of Dean Morrice’s home found stockpile of chemicals and cache of terrorism manuals.
The relocation of the Port of Larne worker and his family is believed to be the first following a death threat from terrorists since 2011
‘We are perilously close to a line which, when crossed, will lock us all into a pattern all too familiar’ - Peter Robinson
A “credible threat” from loyalist paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland may have had an influence on the Government’s decision to unilaterally extended the Brexit “grace period”, security sources and leading politicians have claimed.
As the UK’s last European commissioner, I know how welcome it is that a deal was struck—and how much remains to be done
Police to lose access to database used more than 600 million times a year on 1 January.
Preparations being made at ‘every port and access point from Europe’, senior officer say.
‘There are certainly instruments that we may not have access to’, Foreign Secretary says - after police chiefs warned of ‘major impact on counter-terrorism’
'Serious & troubling letters from @PoliceChiefs& @NCA_UK to @CommonsHomeAffs on preparations for 1 Jan, outlining the security downgrade if no negotiated agreement, inc impact on public protection, serious crime & counter terror.'
The UK will be less safe if it fails to strike a post-Brexit security deal with the EU, Britain's top counter-terrorism officer has said.
‘Efficiency and effectiveness’ at risk as terror threat raised and crime becomes increasingly transnational.
“What?!” - former prime minister is dumbfounded as her old nemesis suggests Brexit will help “intensify” the UK’s security. / Theresa May has ridiculed Michael Gove’s claim that Brexit could give intelligence and law enforcement services the power to “intensify” the security they provide for the UK.
Former terror law reviewer David Anderson warns of serious impact on fight against cross-border crime.
Former security commissioner warns of ‘immediate impact’ on tackling terrorism and crime.
Lord Ricketts attacks failure to acknowledge that fallbacks will be 'putting the safety of the public at risk'.
Biometrics commissioner "deeply concerned" as Lib Dem Layla Moran tells HuffPost UK leaving pacts "will make Britain less safe".
Demands for prime minister to reveal if dangers listed in ‘no-deal readiness report’ last autumn are still real – and whether they have grown because of pandemic.
Real-time access to EU police databases has not yet been agreed in the negotiations
Alternatives 'might need to be pursued', James Brokenshire tells inquiry - prompting demands to reveal how UK will be 'protected'.
UK government rejects ‘clunky institutional framework’ for foreign policy cooperation.
Access to vital EU crime-fighting databases could be lost, MPs told – after Theresa May warns they ‘keep us safe’.
Brexit is a Tory invention and pro-Europeans must still fight the prospect of EU exile, writes Will Hutton.
Cooperation vital in the face of twin threats posed by Isis and Russia, warns Andrew Parker