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British pharmacists are struggling to get their hands on certain medicines for cancer, epilepsy, diabetes and menopause as drug supply issues intensify in the country.
Global issues are factor but experts say there are problems peculiar to Britain such as rising costs post-Brexit.
From antibiotics to cancer drugs, The London Economic can reveal the full extent of the medicine supply crisis gripping Britain.
Eight-year-old Murray Gray, from Edinburgh, must fund £1,300 in cannabis oil shipments from Holland every month to battle life threatening epilepsy seizures
BREXIT red tape is leading to the withdrawal of vital drugs from Northern Ireland due to the high costs for manufacturers, an industry chief has warned.
Firms already starting to withdraw vital drugs because of costly new red tape, says industry group.
DAN WHITE gives a personal account of how Brexit is already impacting the disabled.
What has changed in the 31 days since the UK left and how has it impacted consumers and businesses?
The mother of a boy with severe epilepsy has welcomed news that medical cannabis imports from the Netherlands can continue for a while longer.
Supplies of life-saving Bedrolite oil, which is manufactured in the Netherlands, were set to run out in weeks.
Mother of son with severe epilepsy says ‘fight is not over’ as Brexit bans EU states fulfilling UK prescriptions
The parents of a six year old girl from Suffolk, with severe epilepsy, have run out of her medication, because of Brexit.
Supplies of prescribed medical cannabis set to run out in a matter of weeks, affecting up to 40 children.
About 40 severely epileptic children are affected because supply of medical cannabis is terminated
Government gives two weeks notice that access to epilepsy treatment for nine-year-old Alfie Dingley will end
Medical cannabis prescriptions can help reduce seizures in youngsters.
An inability to stockpile drugs for many serious illnesses mean shortages will hit patients hard, according to doctors. / Senior doctors have warned the NHS to brace itself for the “biggest threat it has ever faced” if the UK crashes out of the EU on October 31, as a leaked internal document reveals the risks to patients from expected drug shortages.