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EU Commission rejects UK’s new legislation and launches legal action against Britain.
Goods lorries entering Northern Ireland (NI) from Great Britain would have to complete a three-page certificate under EU plans to simplify post-Brexit trading arrangements.
Representatives of the Northern Ireland food industry have warned the UK government that scrapping the Northern Ireland Protocol could damage their businesses.
A bipartisan US congressional delegation is due to meet Irish premier Micheal Martin in Dublin.
THE European Commission (EC) has urged the UK to “engage” over the Northern Ireland Protocol as the Welsh first minister hit out at Westminster plans to override the Brexit agreement.
Sacha Berendji also told a House of Lords committee that M&S had faced increased costs and wastage due to new rules and administration.
THE UK GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSE to Brexit and its failure to iron out key agreements after nearly a year outside the Single Market and Customs Union, are fuelling constant uncertainty over many aspects of health and social care in the UK, says a new report from the Nuffield Trust.
Experts are urging the Government to delay “Rules of Origin” certification rules to avoid prices rises and supply shortages.
Truckers claim they are not to blame for “any pending disaster” at UK borders as the grace period for customs declarations comes to an end with the year.
There are mounting concerns over the lack of preparedness of businesses as the end of the final phase of the UK’s departure from the EU nears.
Temporary border control posts monitoring goods coming into Northern Ireland "would not be able to cope" if grace periods for checking certain products ended.
The firm has faced post-Brexit difficulties in supplying food from Britain to its stores in the Republic of Ireland.
The Office for Budget Responsibility suggested leaving the EU would reduce the UK's long-term GDP by around 4% - compared to 2% for the pandemic and lockdowns.
Informa Pharma Intelligence (IPI) has found that some drug firms may withdraw up to 90% of their products from Northern Ireland, once the Brexit grace period has passed.
Leading pharmaceutical research firm finds some drug firms will withdraw up to 90 per cent of their products from Northern Ireland as protocol hits exports.
Anyone ordering goods from the EU in 2021 has likely come in for a nasty shock to the wallet.
Documentary checks will start in three weeks. / In January, physical inspections will follow. / Before Brexit, no import checks were necessary with the UK being part of the EU’s frictionless cross-border trading model.
JAMES BALL examines the areas where Britain is now feeling the painful consequences of its departure from the EU.
The UK government has announced further delays to some Irish Sea border checks. / The checks are a requirement of the Northern Ireland Protocol, a deal reached by the UK and EU in 2019.
Government poised to announce further extensions to post-Brexit ‘grace periods’ until at least the end of the year.
Marks & Spencer has warned of the risk of price pressures, less choice, and food being thrown away when post-Brexit rules on imports from the EU take effect at the start of next month.
A grace period on food imports checks is set to end on 1 October.
The end of the holiday season heralds the return to centre stage of a number of burning Brexit-related issues this autumn.