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It may have been over three years since the UK formally left the European Union but UK brands and retailers continue to face a slew of challenges in navigating post-Brexit trade. Drapers identifies the persistent pain points and how they are being managed.
The UK’s decision to separate from the European Union continues to reverberate and is overwhelmingly negative, according to the latest review of the country’s pro-AV market in the May print edition of AV Magazine.
Venues, florists, caterers and cake makers said clients are having to manage their expectations.
Supply-chain pain caused by the UK’s split from the European Union still lingers for British manufacturers and retailers trying trade with the rest of Europe and beyond.
Years after Britain quit the European Union, its businesses are still suffering from lower sales as red tape makes it harder to export to the 27-nation bloc.
"It's not us putting the prices up, it's Brexit." / Rosa shared some staggering statistics. Between the referendum result in 2016 and May 2018, 1900 florists shut up shop. Between May to October 2018 more floristry businesses closed.
An error in the UK’s post-Brexit IT border system disrupted companies bringing goods in from the European Union, raising costs, adding bureaucracy and snarling deliveries.
Centre in Baldonnell will serve customers across the island of Ireland.
Readers report being handed charges when items arrive from UK despite being low-value gifts.
Norfolk firms are finding that they are being impacted by delays at the border caused by Brexit.
Britain’s economic and cultural prowess is suffering due to post-Brexit tax changes, reports Sascha Lavin. / As the Government publishes a 100-page ‘benefits of Brexit’ paper today, luxury brands are calling on Boris Johnson to rethink a post-Brexit policy that is harming their international competitiveness.
For companies depending on fast, small deliveries, the costs of new Brexit trade rules are mounting.
People looking to send gifts abroad this Christmas have alarmingly little understanding of how to navigate the customs rules and charges introduced when the UK left the European Union, new Which? research can reveal.
SUPPLY chain problems which followed the Tory government's hard Brexit have been felt by three-quarters of UK high-street firms, new research has suggested.
Anyone sending Christmas presents to loved ones should get moving – and be aware of the hoops they must jump through.
Industry experts warn the current supply problems and product shortages could be "the final straw for some" firms. How are small independent traders coping?
“The main problem was the lack of information we had prior to this, as it just made forward planning impossible," one takeaway manager complained.
Research by the UK Fashion and Textile Association has revealed the true extent of disruption and additional costs British fashion companies have faced since prime minister Boris Johnson's Brexit trade deal was implemented on 1 January 2021.
Fears of ‘unimaginable’ supply chain collapse triggered by 60,000-strong shortfall of HGV drivers.
The Folio Society says it is “deeply saddened” by post-Brexit VAT regulations that mean it can no longer afford to deliver to 17 EU countries.
More food items are likely to disappear from supermarket shelves as companies struggle to fill roles after lockdown.
Calls to bring in the army to help ease the UK’s worsening driver shortage have been rebuffed by industry associations seeking “long-term sustainable solutions”.
Well known figures from across the natural and organic sector share their experiences of doing business in the EU in the new post-Brexit trading environment with Jim Manson.
The prime minister has imperilled peace in Northern Ireland, and every day the economic fallout worsens.
E-commerce deliveries to the UK from the EU plummeted by over 50 per cent in the first quarter of 2021 in comparison to the last quarter of 2020, research from shipping platform Sendcloud has found.