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Claims by Boris Johnson that regulations imposed by “Brussels bureaucrats” were damaging the trade in kippers have been debunked by the European commission, which said that the food safety obligations criticised by him were due to rules set by Britain.
There are fears that the cost of carrying out extra Brexit border checks may fall on island ratepayers unless more cash is forthcoming from central Government.
Comparing the stories encouraging people to vote to leave the EU to those we've seen in recent weeks paints rather a bleak picture.
The price of a container of imported fish has jumped by £11,000 - just don't mention the B word!
UK food and drink exports to the European Union almost halved in the first three months of the year, compared with the same period in 2020.
Time-sensitive seafood exports have been hit hard as the fishing industry struggles to deal with long-winded paperwork and new rules
“This has placed British businesses at a competitive disadvantage and reduced the incentive on the European Commission to negotiate measures that would lessen the burdens facing British producers."
Committee raises concerns of ‘serious repercussions for our producers’.
Legal experts at Walker Morris discuss what food businesses need to know about phases 2 and 3 of implementing checks at the Great Britain/EU border now the Brexit transition period has ended.
Exports of fish and meat from the UK to the EU saw a dramatic dip in January compared with the previous year, compounding the chaos following the end of the Brexit transition period.
HMRC figures reveal huge year-on-year falls in trade, with whisky, cheese and chocolate worst hit.
... a cross-party report on the UK's membership of the European Union (EU) in advance of the UK referendum on 23 June. This revealed that the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) had submitted a paper raising concerns about the negative implications for the Falkland Islands' economy and people of a UK withdrawal from the EU.
The UK's fish and shellfish exports to the European Union dropped by a whopping 83% in January, while meat sales dropped by two-thirds, with Brexit being blamed as the primary reason.
NEW data from the Office for National Statistics reveals the true extent of Brexit’s devastating impact on the Scottish food and drink sector.
Grace periods for implementing post-Brexit checks on goods going from Great Britain to Northern Ireland are at the centre of tensions between the EU and UK.
"He can’t wriggle out of this one, the net is closing in on him," Luke Pollard said.
"No amount of top spin from the prime minister" would make the problems facing the industry go away, Labour said in response.
The government is under pressure to redesign its £23million support scheme for seafood businesses disrupted by Brexit, as many say they're falling through the cracks and missing out on funding due to flaws in the criteria.
Four years ago, Brexiteers led an iceberg-worthy event on the Thames. Now they’ve ghosted an entire industry.
A Scottish customs clearance house that would allow seafood and fish exports to flow faster into Europe should be established at ports, MSPs have been told.
“Will he (Gove) make clear that the Protocol is causing societal and economic damage to the union, and will he press on with the alternative arrangements that he previously supported and signed up to?”
Seafood sector representatives have said exports have "slowed to a trickle" amid what is described as a Brexit "export crisis".
David Hencke reports on the growing problems experienced by firms trading with the EU and the lack of help from the Vote Leave Government.
SEAFOOD producers in Scotland have voiced disappointment as the UK Government launched its £23 million support scheme for the sector.
The moves are reminiscent of other changes to fish names to make them sound more appealing. Patagonian toothfish, for example, was changed to become Chilean seabass in the United States and Canada.